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marijuana grow warehouse

Marijuana grow warehouse

For years patients licensed to use and grow marijuana for medical purposes have been growing in small indoor grow rooms. Warehouse production of marijuana on a commercial scale is the natural progression from the small grow rooms to professional legal facilities concerned with producing consistent top quality cannabis.

Marijuana Facility/Indoor Grow

If you are looking to build a new warehouse for the purpose of growing marijuana GGS can supply you with the steel building. When you start from scratch, bringing GGS into your team at the very start makes sure every detail is coordinated.

Expert manufacturers in marijuana greenhouse & indoor cannabis grow systems, covering marijuana structures, benches/tables, light dep, irrigation, heating/cooling, lighting, and computer controls. GGS has been manufacturing top quality greenhouses and providing turnkey growing solutions for commercial growers since 1979. We work with you to provide the perfect environment for consistent quality cannabis crops at maximum yield, from structures and marijuana grow tables to light deprivation and environmental controls. Our dedicated marijuana grow team can assist you in design, installation and complete project management of your marijuana greenhouse or cannabis indoor garden using advanced technology and over 40 years of experience.

Marijuana grow warehouse

Citizen complaints had tipped narcotics investigators to the illegal marijuana operation in the warehouse, which was part of an industrial park that included a large mail facility, a movie studio warehouse, a cookie manufacturing business, and a legal cannabis retail facility, according to the LAPD.

The LAPD Mission Division’s Narcotics Enforcement Detail served a search warrant last Thursday on the Gladstone Avenue warehouse, near Arroyo Street, and found a major marijuana grow operation. More than 3,000 pounds of marijuana, two rifles, a shotgun, a pistol and over $30,000 in cash were seized from the warehouse, and eight people were arrested for unlawful cannabis manufacturing violations.

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Eight people have been arrested on suspicion of running a massive, illegal marijuana manufacturing facility in the Sylmar area.

Due to the illegal nature of the operation, investigators discovered several code violations at the warehouse, including dangerous wiring, a gas leak, and hazardous fumes leaking from a large diesel generator. LAPD officials say the conditions at the warehouse could have easily caused an explosion and fire at the location.

Representatives from the LA Fire Department, the city’s Building & Safety Department, and LADWP were on hand to assist during the raid. All power and gas services to the warehouse were cut off in order to protect the public, police said.