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marijuana growing classes online

Marijuana growing classes online

​All course credits from the Certificate Program are transferable academic credits from the Certificate Program.

Designed to provide students with an understanding of the cannabis classification system and proper management practices for target compounds and products. Understanding cannabis biology and taxonomic classification is critical for proper management practices for the production of essential oils, psychoactive compounds, fiber, and seed oil and protein, and applications of those products. Discrepancies between scientific and vernacular names of cannabis and the inconsistency of vernacular names mislead producers and consumers. This course will discuss the taxonomy and vernacular nomenclature of cannabis and cannabis biology will be discussed based on individual subspecies. The subspecies classification will be necessary for proper management practices and harvesting of target compounds and products.

Course Descriptions

Upon completing your required coursework, you will need to submit a completion request for your certificate. Once we have verified that you have met the requirements, your certificate will be printed and signed off on by the Dean of the College of ACES, Crop Sciences’ Department Head, Director of Online and Continuing Education (CITL) and the Online Program Coordinator.

CPSC 480, 3 hrs., in-person in Spring/online synchronous in Fall

Cannabis Classification and Management

The use of cultivated and wild plants in medicines and health products according to Eastern and Western medical traditions. Consideration of herbal medicine use from ancient times to the present, important medicinal chemicals produced by plants, and the evaluation of plant chemical products as potential human medicines.

Marijuana growing classes online

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