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marijuana growing problems

Marijuana growing problems

A weed plant needs the correct balance of nutrients for it to grow properly and be healthy. If anything, err of the side of too little nutrients—it’s a lot harder to correct a plant with too many nutrients than to add more. Keep in mind that organic nutrients are a little more forgiving.

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Similar to overwatering, beginning growers also have the tendency to give plants too many nutrients. A common misconception is that more nutrients equals bigger plants, so just keep adding more and more!

Overwatering cannabis plants

New growers are often guilty of giving their new weed plants too much love. As we’ve mentioned before, it’s called weed for a reason—a lot of times the answer is to just let the plant be.

Cannabis plants are resilient. The plant grows successfully all over the globe in many different climates—it’s called “weed” for a reason.

What’s wrong with my weed plant?

Of course there are many problems that can arise when growing weed that should be fixed quickly. Weed plants are rather responsive, meaning they will show signs of distress if they aren’t getting the proper nutrients, have a bug infestation, or some other issue.

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Marijuana growing problems

Nutrient burn is a common grow issue, but some symptoms look similar yet are caused by something else. This tutorial will help you determine the true source of the problem.

Step 1: Verify Watering Habits & Root Health

Plants that suffer from extreme heat stress for too long may not recover and sometimes are unable to straighten their posture and continue growing.

Step 3: Check Environment

If you’re growing photoperiod plants, you also need to ensure your grow space is totally light-proof, so light can’t get into the tent when the grow lights are off. Photoperiod plants need complete darkness during their dark period or they’ll never make flowers. If photoperiod plants start getting light at night while budding, it can cause them to herm (buds get seedy) or re-veg (buds die and plant reverts back to the vegetative stage).

Marijuana growing problems

Nutrient burn is another common issue beginners and even expert growers often face, as they tend to get overzealous with feeding their plants. When it comes to nutrients, less is always more!

Nutrient burn is essentially what happens to your plants when you’ve been feeding them too strong of a nutrient mix, and/or too frequently. The edges of your leaves will begin to brown and look crispy like they were burned, and growth will slow down drastically.

Light Burn

Note that if you are getting close to harvest, your fan leaves will naturally turn yellow as the buds will pull the nitrogen out of them for one last boost in growth, which is completely normal and nothing to worry about!

Nitrogen Deficiency & Toxicity

It will be hard to see this best with the naked eye so I recommend using the same tool you use for looking at trichomes as that will be perfect for zooming in on them. The mites will look like similar to spiders and will be crawling around nibbling on your leaves.