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marijuana growing products

We gladly welcome custom orders for commercial growers. We make our Smart Pot fabric containers at our headquarters in Oklahoma City, so turnaround time on custom products is fast. Contact us for your custom order.

We pioneered the air root pruning technology. Our planting containers naturally root prune the plants’ roots, which increases yield by improving water and nutrient absorption – delivering exceptional yields and a potent cannabis product.

It is the world’s original fabric container manufactured by High Caliper Growing, the inventors of root-pruning technology, which increases yields by improving water and nutrient absorption.

Our fabric containers are significantly stronger compared to other planters and won’t fall apart mid-season. Smart Pot containers are reusable and sustainable. Our high-quality fabric maintains its integrity year after year. Its design withstands the environmental impacts of sun, wind, water — saving you time and money.

Custom Order Containers

Preferred by professional growers for over 30 years, Smart Pot is the original fabric aeration container. Our award-winning fabric products are made in the U.S.A. and are free of lead, copper, B.P.A., and Phthalates for a completely clean growth!

Outdoor Performance Cannabis by Dustin Fraser, renowned professional cannabis grower, reveals his methods for taking the cannabis plant and cultivating it into a cannabis tree.

Healthier Crop Means Higher Yields

Marijuana growing products

But other issues are unique to cannabis production. And achieving the most efficient production requires growers to do research under controlled conditions to understand how both plant genetics and growing conditions can affect the product.

Many of the challenges of large-scale cannabis production can be solved by drawing on the experience of the commercial greenhouse industry, says Zheng. Growing crops commercially requires a homogenous soil and consistent irrigation. Small variations can mean that parts of the crop dry out at different rates, which leads to the spread of pathogenic agents and root rot, and to an inconsistent product. But the tomato industry, for example, has experience of growing tens to hundreds of hectares of produce at a time, and that expertise can be transferred easily to cannabis growers, says Zheng.

Testing, testing

Cannabis companies are quickly adopting techniques and technologies that were pioneered by commercial agriculture and horticulturalists. Organigram, a cannabis producer in Moncton, Canada, stringently controls its growing operations, says Jeff Purcell, vice-president of operations. “The growing environment is standardized, and we have full control over the air, light, temperature and fertilizer,” he says. “It’s all highly automated and computer controlled.”

Brian Owens is a freelance journalist in St Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada.