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marijuana growing school in california

Peron has been described as “the father of the medical marijuana movement.” He co-authored California Proposition 215 (1996). [9]

Stephen Gutwillig, the director of the California branch of the Drug Policy Alliance, said, “Oakland has one of the most highly regulated systems for distributing medical marijuana in the state. We think this is a campaign by the U.S. attorneys not just to limit but to kill access to medical marijuana in California.” [8]

Richard Lee took out an ad in 2007 in an East Bay alternative newspaper, suggesting that people contact him if they wanted to learn more about the medical marijuana business. He says, “The phone rang off the hook immediately. Within three or four days we had 100 people on a list.” Oaksterdam U opened that fall. [1]

According to a press report, “The doors. were blocked by U.S. marshals and yellow tape following the early morning raid. agents carted trash bags of unknown materials out of the school as protesters gathered to condemn the action. A museum connected to the school and a nearby medical marijuana dispensary operated by Oaksterdam founder Richard Lee also were raided.” [8]

2012 federal raid

Oaksterdam University says that it has 3,500 graduates, and that 6,000 people have attended classes. [4] [1]

Lee has described Oaksterdam University as “a trade school that specializes in all things marijuana,” including:

According to Oaksterdam U’s website, “Our faculty is composed of the most recognized names in the California cannabis legalization movement. Since opening its doors in November of 2007, thousands of students have taken classes with the hope of entering the budding cannabis job field. The cannabis industry generates millions of dollars in tax revenue and has created thousands of new jobs in California, drawing fresh new faces to the ‘new gold rush’.” [2]


Richard Lee was inspired to create Oaksterdam U by a cannabis college in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, which teaches the horticultural aspects of marijuana. Lee expanded on that idea by focusing on “the entire cannabis trade” in his curriculum.

Training includes “horticulture, cannabis cultivation, cannabis cooking, hash making, bud tending and courses related to incorporating, starting and managing a business.” [5]

Marijuana growing school in california

Students at the California cannabis college learn how to grow marijuana indoors, how to grow marijuana outdoors, how to cook with marijuana, how to do marijuana extractions, how to open a marijuana dispensary, how to start a marijuana business, how to get a marijuana job, marijuana laws and regulations, how to set up a marijuana grow, marijuana as medicine, how to be a budtender, and marijuana seed and strain selections, along with other useful marijuana career and marijuana business information.

CTU’s cannabis cultivation classes help students save money on their cannabis garden and equipment.

Anyone looking for a California cannabis college can enroll at CTU anytime, day or night, 365 days a year.

Cannabis Training University is an online cannabis college, with graduates from over twenty countries worldwide, and the most graduates of any online marijuana school.

Marijuana growing school in california

A degree (Associate, Bachelor’s, or Master’s) is typically needed for almost all jobs in the US cannabis industry, especially higher-level jobs such as technicians, growers, and scientists. If you’re looking to enter into any of these job fields, we recommend a degree.

Likewise, if you move up from a cannabis production supervisor to a vice president of manufacturing role, you could pull in a salary of up to $177,500 (lowest $145,000, average $150,000).

Cannabis degrees at established universities are always going to be seen as more legitimate than a cannabis training school. There is a high level of prestige surrounding universities and the degrees they offer.


Apprenticeships are the way forward and will allow people from all backgrounds (disadvantaged or not) a chance to learn and prosper within the cannabis industry.

Regardless of whether you’re in the cannabis industry or not, investing in further education pays off dividends and will have a positive impact on your career in the future.

Are cannabis courses and degrees worth the money?

However, if you want to advance your already existing cannabis career or supplement a degree you’ve already earned, a certification program is worthwhile.

Common marijuana certifications include: