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marijuana growing shipping containers

Marijuana growing shipping containers

Enlite Grow Box system allows optimization of space, and increase of the growing area. It can be stacked high and wide to accommodate a growing demand.

The Enlite shipping container grow box is a vertical farming system built inside a 40ft shipping container.

The shipping container farm system is include everything, end-user can plug and play, this can grow lettuce, herb, microgreen, leafy green, clones, cannabis, etc.

Enlite Grow Software and System Control

The Enlite shipping container grow box are driven by a software system, which allows you to adjust and manage every element of the growing system from a computer allowing you to adjust the lighting, CO2, Nutrients, PH, EC, Water Levels, Air Temperature, Humidity, Fans, Water Temperature, WaterFlow and general health of your plants in the Box.

The Enlite Container Farm is a vertical farming container system built inside a 40ft shipping container. The shipping container greenhouse contains the Auto Irrigation System, Lighting System, Temperature & Humidity Control, EC& PH Detection, Co2 transmitter. We can help the growers to design what they want.

The Enlite Modular Trolley System provide flexible and moveable function. Unlike to traditional container farm with fixed hydroponic pod system which is hard to clean and waste time to harvest inside the grow box. Enlite Modular Trolley system can be wheeled in and out of the Pod for planting, cleaning and harvesting which in order to maximize the time of grow box operation cycle.

Modular Shipping Container Greenhouse

This shipping container farm is capable of growing Lettuces, Herbs, and Medical Marijuana in any location.

Container farming is a high-efficiency method of growing plants. Just simply connect the Pod to a water and electrical source and you can start growing plants 365 days.

Marijuana growing shipping containers

​From homes to pop-up food trucks, swimming pools to playgrounds, people are finding creative ways to make use of retired shipping containers. It’s all about the global movement to reduce and reuse waste. Deonna Marie explores the potential of cultivating cannabis in containers.

Buying Your Shipping Container

Commercial grow containers come with a few obstacles. Many that are recovered are old and corroded, leaving a grower with many environmental considerations and repairs. I suggest using a qualified company that specializes in the reclamation of shipping containers.

Do Your Research

Units can easily be delivered to any location and are ready to construct. The set-up process is quick, easy, and requires limited resources. Also, they are easy to take down if you want to move your grow room to a new location.

Marijuana growing shipping containers

First of all the containers themselves are not new: most will be old and corroded from their previous life on the high seas. Therefore you need to source your container from an experienced reclamation firm who will fix the superficial faults like rust and holes. Many will also be able to customize the container for their customer’s needs so you’ll need to shop around.

By using commercial containers, growers can control air temperature, water temperature, humidity levels, CO2 levels and ventilation with precision accuracy. Being entirely enclosed, these containers also keep your crop more secure and discreet. Best of all, the container environment also helps you achieve a healthier environment. Shipping container farms are far more resilient and offer better protection than other farming options such as greenhouses.

Medical Marijuana Growing Options

Units can easily be delivered to any location. The set-up process is quick, easy, and requires limited resources. Also, they are easy to disassemble and move if your need to relocate your grow room.

Although containers can be placed almost anywhere with level stable ground, you will have to build access for water, air and power for your growing environment.

Shipping a Shipping Container

Many companies provide growing containers that are lined with composite materials that are impervious to mold, mildew, rot and insects—a major advantage for growers. Although the system will be sealed, ensuring moisture and insect access is tightly controlled will make your life easier later on.