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marijuana plant growing tall and skinny

Marijuana plant growing tall and skinny

"Leggy" seedlings need more light

Question: Why are my young marijuana seedlings getting tall and dying? They're growing all stretchy with long stems, and aren't making new sets of leaves.

You can get more light later when the plant is making buds, but getting 2 CFLs should stop the stretching so you have a few more weeks.

When young marijuana seedlings are starving for light, they often show signs of lots of other problems, but if they're getting really tall without making any leaves, it's a sure sign it needs a brighter environment.

Get 2 x 40W 'daylight' CFLs (can support 1-4 seedlings)

Marijuana plant growing tall and skinny

I think I may be able to achieve more weight if I can keep the plant at 3ft and get it alittle bushier that way the light hits all of the plant and not just the first 2ft

The Hemp Goddess

a 400watt is pushing the limit on 6 plants unless you keep them very small


Im running a 400w HPS for 6 plants.