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marijuana seed to sale software

Marijuana seed to sale software

This intensive monitoring and tracking enables business enterprises to meet and satisfy the legal requirements surrounding the trade. It also facilitates the enforcement of stringent rules and regulations to people engaged in the industry. Marijuana software is a platform commonly used to supervise and carry out these activities.

What is seed to sale?

It is significant to note that in the United States, all ERM systems are directly connected to Metrc. Metrc is the regulatory cannabis system and legislation partner of the US government. It is primarily required by six American states: California, Oregon, Alaska, Colorado, Nevada, and Washington. It seeks to provide regulatory frameworks and essential tools needed by the US government in monitoring the cannabis value chain and enforcing strict compliance regulations to its constituents.

Seed to sale software for cannabis dispensaries

Years of concrete experience and good grasp of business intelligence is required in order to have a sound advise. These insights equip entrepreneurs with knowledge and awareness pertaining to the best operation practices in the industry.

We provide a completely integrated ERP solution with advanced features to assist cannabis manufacturers with automating work flow and providing total visibility and control of their operations.

If you’re a grower, processor, distributor, or dispensary looking to manage your profits and ensure regulatory compliance, OSAS provides Seed to Sale Software to meet your unique needs. We’re at the forefront of marijuana software solutions designed to handle the complex requirements of this ever-changing industry. Whether you’re looking for medical marijuana (MMJ) software, marijuana dispensary software, cannabis growing software or other cannabis solutions, we’re here to customize an ERP for your growing business.

Since most states require tracing of every marijuana plant grown, you need cannabis seed to sale software that tracks and easily reports every step plants take while moving through your operation. Adapted to your company’s specific needs, we provide a solution to track compliance, extraction, infusion and cultivation to automate supply chain processes, such as inventory and warehouse management, financials and reporting, sales, quality assurance, forecasting, and more. Using real-time data, we streamline the planning and management of production from raw materials to possible derivatives with easy-to-use weed software.

Features Available for your Cannabis Operation

With increased medicinal and recreational marijuana legislation, companies are looking to employ business management systems to track their operations. Growers and manufacturers who are legitimate and responsible cannabis experts are now exploring Seed to Sale Software.