Marijuana Super Pac Cultivated By California Collective Owners

Marijuana Super Pac Cultivated By California Collective Owners

While no one’s sure if the two brothers that own Canna-Kings, a mobile medical marijuana collective, are serious about their politically pro-pot super pack. One things for certain, whether done for positive press… or for real change, a politically strong cannabis super pack – is truly the way to go.

By Sterling C. Beard – Two California men have launched a pro-marijuana super-PAC to fight for legalizing the drug. The Legalize Marijuana Super is the first of its kind in the country. Brothers Mark and Dennis Rogers submitted their super-PAC application to the Federal Election Commission on March 11.

According to Mark Rogers, the organization’s president, the super-PAC was founded to deal with legal troubles concerning probationary issues with medical and recreational marijuana use.

In addition, the founders oppose efforts by local law enforcement in Oregon to eradicate the use of Marinol, a Food-and-Drug-Administration-approved synthetic alternative to cannabis.

“A couple of our local judges here have said it creates a problem for them because they can’t distinguish between Marinol and marijuana,” Rogers said in a phone interview with The Hill.

“People that find themselves in legal trouble, that is essentially the only way that they can medicate,” Rogers said, adding “even though we’ve made several distinctions in our state to circumvent [federal marijuana laws], the local authorities really grind you under their thumb.”

The idea for a super-PAC was a natural one for the two brothers, he said.

The two own the Canna-King Collective, an armored van that serves as a mobile dispensary in San Jose, Calif., and possess several “tools” to aid them in their fight for legalization.

“What we’re trying to do is not only [raise awareness], but take in contributions and donations to help vocalize our situation,” Rogers said.

Oregon has been a battleground in the fight over legalizing marijuana. Last year, a ballot initiative to legalize pot failed. However, Oregon House Bill 3371, which seeks to legalize marijuana and industrial hemp production, has recently been scheduled for a hearing in early April. If it passes, it would go into effect on July 1, 2014.

The brothers’ super-PAC has not become heavily involved in any such efforts just yet. The brothers have been talking to people at the local level, but plans are on hold until Dennis Rogers returns from vacation in Hawaii.