Marijuana Tissue Culture Propagation

Marijuana Tissue Culture Propagation

From solitary Petri dishes 1,000’s of dominant automated clones can be utilized monthly! Envision no mother plants. No clones. Leaving you more room for plant cultivation? How much more cost effective would that be?? With these tidy little masses of stored tissue you can grow a “plant”, any plant. Say a daisy with active THC… or cannabis without leaves. Not weird enough – how about glow in the dark buds!

Well a big 420 thanks to the field of microbiology! We’re now in a position to learn something about the benefits of micro-propagation in regards to the marijuana plants we cultivate. While it is not news that cells can live independent of the organism they’re taken from — dependent upon the type of cell harvested and the environment for which they are moved into.

The long and complicated process of harvesting cells from an already existing organism then maintaining them in an outside and independent environment is called “tissue culture”. The marijuana plant cells are required to be kept in a medium that can supply all of the vivacious micronutrients that the cells require for their biological development to continue and when the plant cells are used… we call this process plant “tissue culture.”

Back in the very beginning of tissue culture experimentation in the 1900s, organisms and cells were kept viable by finding the specific combination of — a perfect growth medium and the necessary nutrients needed to sustain life. As science progressed and at the start of the 21st century, researchers had not only discovered sufficient ways to keep cells viable, they had also found a way to cultivate – with a relatively high success rate.

This groundbreaking new methodology means that cells currently hold enough information to create more complex multi-cellular structures in vitro and; most importantly we now have a viable means for cataloging and storing mass amounts of genetic information into relatively compact and small Spaces

As a matter of fact it is now entirely possible to contain every currently known marijuana genetic variation on just a handful of Petri dishes. As the most obvious upside to this newest discovery is that with proper maintenance tissue culture dishes can maintain for future use a potentially immortal marijuana culture of dank and chronic plant cells.