Mass/Cann NORML Boston Freedom Rally Set for September 14

Mass/Cann NORML Boston Freedom Rally Set for September 14

Originally a one-day event, the MassCann/ NORML organizers of the Boston freedom rally attempted to make their Hempfest a two day event for 2013. Ultimately,they were rejected by the Boston Parks and Recreation department (BPRD). Back at square one – the 24th annual MassCann/NORML Boston freedom rally is now set for one day only… September 14, 2013.

The powers that be reluctantly issued a permit allowing organizers for the Boston freedom rally to hold their one-day event from 12 noon until 6 PM Saturday, September 14, 2013: Boston Parks and Recreation also allocated time for setting up Friday afternoon – and early Saturday morning.

The Beantown organizers of the East Coast Hempfest, originally sought a two day permit for their celebration of the cannabis plant, similar to Seattle’s chronic two-day event – however, they were rejected.

“For the fourth time MassCann/NORML is singled out for special bad treatment from the city of Boston administrators who don’t appreciate the fact that Boston Common was America’s first public place and is, therefore, the first-place honors where freedom of speech and freedom of assembly are guaranteed,” noted Bill Downing, Pres. of MassCann. “We will sue for a fourth injunction and, I predict, it will be granted,” lamented Downing.

The BPRD commission director, Jacqueline Goddard, said the department would not comment beyond their initial statement with the time date and information for the rally.

The freedom rally will be a gathering of the eccentric; bands, speakers, food, merchandise vendors and more. The 24-year-old event has cultivated an interesting new twist for this year’s entertainment, firing up a local battle of the bands competition prior to the event, set to establish which Boston based 420 fan bands can play to the smoked out crowd.