Massive Pot Bust Goes Down in Charlotte

Massive Pot Bust Goes Down in Charlotte

Dr. Evil reared his ugly dome and confiscated ONE MILLION DOLLARS worth of cannabis in Southern Charlotte yesterday from two separate houses. Plants containing around 150 pounds of marijuana were murdered in the process–which is a helluva lotta dope.

The home owner claimed he was a dealer of “precious jewels” to neighbors, which is actually an accurate description. Only problem is these jewels are at the mercy of the Feds. And they smell.

“The smell right now — and it’s not even burning as they carry it out. It’s amazing,” said neighbor Kitty Smith.

Busts like this occur pretty much every day, and there’s not much to say other than it sucks for a variety of reasons. Sucks for the grower(s) to lose that much of a crop. Sucks for people in Southern Charlotte that use marijuana medicinally (and recreationally…).

And of course, it really sucks donkey dick that cops spend their time and money and resources on NARCs and raids when there are real crimes that occur in this country on a daily basis–like The Black Eyed Peas existence.