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massive weed grow

Massive weed grow

Police in Bedford were so surprised to discover the shrub, they posted a picture to Twitter about their find.

In the message, the force said the plant had been “seized today.”

Police say that an elderly couple who bought what they thought was an innocuous green bush at a flea market and planted it at home were shocked to realise they had unwittingly grown a monstrous cannabis plant in their garden.

The message exclaimed: “Elderly couple bought shrub at car boot sale, tended carefully-biggest cannabis plant we had seen!!”.

Police officers were said to be astounded when they spotted the plant. They have collected it and a spokesperson said it would be disposed of.

Massive weed grow

According to the Patrick County Sheriff’s Office, Virginia’s biggest outdoor marijuana farm was discovered in 2015. The sheriff’s seized 30,255 marijuana plants found in 35 different grow areas. The cannabis had a street value between $30 million and $105 million.

Whether it’s legal (think California, Colorado and a few other states) or illegal (think most other states) marijuana is a huge business with massive demand.

In 2016, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department seized nearly 2,700 marijuana plants being grown in a Compton, California warehouse. According to a sheriff’s spokesman, the cannabis had a street value of $6.1 million.

GFarmaLabs will build Southern California’s first marijuana cultivation farm in Desert Hot Springs in 2017. The 100,000-square-foot compound will have three greenhouses, a packing facility, and a guard house. Desert Hot Springs officials believe the farm could bring in an estimated $800,000 in tax revenue.

Green Barn Farms, Washington

The Kent-based GW Pharmaceuticals has two greenhouses holding 30,000 marijuana plants. Since it opened in 1998, GW has produced more than two million plants. The cannabis is used for research on a medicinal drug, Sativex, that helps those suffering from multiple sclerosis.

Colbin, Chile, is home to the largest legal marijuana field in Latin America. Opened in 2016, the farm, run by the Daya Foundation, is expecting its first harvest to bring in 1.5 metric tons of marijuana.

And that means plants. Lots and lots and lots and lots of plants. whether they’re technically legal or not.

Daya Foundation’s 7,000 plants

From Northern California to England to Chile, these are the biggest marijuana grow operations in the world.

Pueblo County, dubbed by locals as the “The Silicon Valley of Marijuana,” is home to a number of cannabis collectives, including Los Suenos Farms. The farm has 36 acres of outdoor marijuana plants and a 34,000-square-foot warehouse for growing the state-legalized drug.

Massive weed grow

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The leafy green plants were pictured last week in decorative planters outside shops and restaurants on Princess Victoria Street in Clifton Village.

She said: ‘The planters were provided by Blaise Plant Nursery and planted with a nice variety of annuals and perennials, nothing more exotic.

Owner Marco Maestri said: ‘The plants have been there since the council installed the planters when the councillors decided to close the road in August.

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One local trader, who did not want to be named, said that they ‘were surprised nobody had spotted Princess Victoria Street had become the city’s large cannabis farm’.

One trader even joked that it had briefly turned into ‘Bristol’s largest cannabis farm’.

The shopping street was pedestrianised during the summer as part of a controversial trial scheme to reduce traffic and improve air quality.

People relaxing in a busy street in Bristol noticed something out-of-place growing in decorative planters – huge ‘cannabis-like’ plants.

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