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Master Kush Seeds
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Master Kush Info

PLANT TYPE95% Indica 5% Sativa
THCUp to 18%
CLIMATEIndoors and sunny climate
FLOWERS9 weeks
YIELDS14 to 17 oz per 3x3ft

Master Kush Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

80% Indica. Hindu Kush and Skunk No. 1 lineage. Pungent odour and earthy flavour. High CBD level. Bodybuzz high. THC medium-high.

Her Hindu Kush ancestors stem from Northern Pakistan. Master Kush aka High Rise is an 80% pure Indica strain made up of Hindu Kush and Skunk no. 1, which helped greatly improve its THC level (medium-high). Kush plants in the Far East are often used to make hand pressed Charas, because of their great resin production. Master Kush is a branchy plant with tight, compact buds and easy to grow. She requires a three week growing period. They will hardly stretch when flowering. Suitable for soil, hydro or coco. Indoor or in a greenhouse. A very commercial variety.

The buds are ballshaped, sticky and solid and have a skunky, hash like aroma. The taste is somewhat floral and earthy (typical of Kush) and she packs a all-over body buzz, very relaxing. Medicinal value: nausea and insomnia.

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  1. This Skunk Hybrid / Hindu Kush by Black Label Seeds is truly a classic. Since 1997 these famous Dutch Seeds are well identified for its high grade and also have been produced for botanical specimen preservation from the High Quality Seeds breeders.

  2. 3RD PRIZE HIGH TIMES CUP 1999! Master Widow crossed with the full flavoured pungent Himalaya Haze. This marijuana type is for those in control.

  3. Dutch Passion’s Masterkush Feminized is 100% Indica and a cross breed of two different Hindu Kush strains. The main characteristics are easy growing, with high yields of big buds and a strong long lasting high. Masterkush flourishes under most growing conditions; it grows quite easy and is also a reliably ample producer of extremely top notch pot. Considered popular among many breeders, it’s frequently suggested. Dutch Passion’s Masterkush Cannabis Seeds deliver mid-sized plants that grow a tad bushy making a typical Christmas tree shape. Master Kush produces an immensely potent smoke that’s gentle and sweet with citrus/earthy flavors, the high is potent and powerful. Less smell than usual is produced during flowering which happens to be vital for some growers. This Masterkush strain causes a mellow, pleasant mind-set but doesn’t provide you with the demand to rise up and do just about anything, nevertheless, it won’t turn you straight into a complete brick.

  4. Homegrown Fantaseeds’ pure Indica Masterkush happens to be a past Cup winner.

  5. This is actually a F1 hybrid of the renowned Master Kush as well as the initial KC33 from real pro breeder K.C. Brains. This selection is actually bred for outdoor cultivation, but gets great greenhouse as well as interior results as adequately. KC33 x Master Kush is a satisfying, mold resistant, and easy to clone. The smoke is actually smooth, with a prosperous natural flavor. Though tolerable in durability, KC 33 x Master Kush gets a prolonged enduring buzz.

  6. Initially called High-Rise, Master Kush was actually developed in one of the sky-high buildings of south Amsterdam. Instantaneously the coffeeshops fell in passion by having this special new tetraploid. With widespread demand, this Hindu Kush / skunk hybrid was actually settled as well as marketed. It has actually been actually a classic ever before because. A solid tree of medium elevation as well as bushiness, Master Kush is actually a substantial producer with soil, hydro, as well as gets wonderful greenhouse results. The earthy aroma of Master Kush is heavy-duty in addition to the smoke is smooth.

  7. Genetic mixture of two (Northern Lights and Black Domina) selected to achieve a stunning hybrid. Anesthesia has all the hallmarks of a great Indica, has a fast flowering and high resin production. Very suited to be a mother by their growth characteristics. This plant is very compact and sturdy, large, dark green foliage. It’s flavour is sweet at entry and acid at the end, its effect is relaxing and enjoyable. It’s unique, is also indicated to reduce the effects of some diseases.

  8. This sativa inspired strain has got the body of an Indica along with the typical Sativa high effects. Armageddon generates huge, heavy flowers with plenty of crystals plus a higher THC percentage. This plant has every one of the elements a grower wishes for inside a high quality strain. Expect a simple to cultivate plant with large yields of significant quality buds. This is the end of the planet as you know it! Flowering period: 8 weeks Outdoor harvest: late October. Armageddon is mainly sativa strain. Our version belonging to the renowned “one hit wonder”. Won several awards during the 90’s. Grows and blossoms quite quickly for a sativa.

  9. Holland’s Hope originated in Holland. Now it is produced by Black Label Seeds. Since 1997 these well-known Dutch Seeds are renowned for their superior grade and also have been developed for botanical sample preservation by the High Quality Seeds breeders.

  10. Tremendously odorous resin contents and terpene levels, odor control needed, big feeder, higher than normal potency.

  11. This is among our most powerful outdoor varieties. It could tolerate lower temperatures. It is a stout but sturdy plant with broad growing leaves.

  12. This God Bud x Burmese combination creates a mid-sized plant which will get bushy if there is room. Ideal for a Sea of Green set-up. The buds are stinky and dense having a skunky flavor. The high arrives quickly with an alert Sativa buzz.

  13. The wonderfully named Hypnoberry by Willy Jack Seeds is a cross of Blueberry and Chronic.

  14. Gnomo is our 2nd autoflowering variety. Our breeders developed this F1 hybrid by mixing Flash, a pure White Domina and Ruderalis cross, along with Mataro Blue. The high THC amount of Mataro Blue, close to 24%, and the Blue influences with this variety make Gnomo one of the more psychoactive and big yielding autoflowering strain available.

  15. Consistent growth structure and profile, large yielding, many phenos have extremem potency, highly resinous, unique OG like terpene profiles can be found.

  16. Cannabis Champions cup winner 2010 Barcelona “hydro” Our Nothernlights haze male makes this cross slightly longer in flowering but it’s rewarded at the end. This allstar hybrid is a favourite in taste and yield and suitable for a variety of growing methods. The King Kong smells sandalwood with liquorice undertones and its a strong smoke.

  17. The definitive plant for those interested in outdoors or greenhouse cultivation. Due to its Afghani pedigree, taste, reddish aura, and magical mind journey tendencies, this plant provides quite a wonderful therapy. It has a genetic make-up of Afghan x Afghan/Skunk and shows initial slow growth until it has an established root ball…

  18. Samsara Flash Babylon is one of the most powerful varieties that exists and one of the most efficient. We put our best Northern Light mother to Lowryder genotype. Samsara Flash Babylon grows and flowers very fast within approximately 14 days. It is a compact and resinous plant with the full power of a very intense cheese and leaven odour. Flash Babylon would hold the qualities of the best Northern Light and would be matured within 65 days of germination. Indoor growth with 20/4 photoperiod and the correct plantpot size could give us over 40 gr. yield, reaching almost 75 gr. outdoor.