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materials needed to grow weed

Weed plants need different amounts of light during their vegetative and flowering stages. You don’t have to worry about this in an outdoor setting—the sun and the season dictate this—but when growing indoors, you will be controlling it.

How to set up an indoor grow room

Controlling temperature in your indoor grow room or cannabis garden can be achieved by manipulating these factors:

Soil and other media for growing weed indoors

You can connect a controller to fans, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, heaters, or air conditioners, and set thresholds whereby each device will power on and off based on your ideal environmental settings. Some units run autonomously, making changes based on set parameters, while others allow you to control each element via an app on a phone, tablet, or computer.

Materials needed to grow weed

The optimal pH-levels:

Your nutrient-strength level is less variable when growing in soil than when growing hydroponically.

Classic example:

9. Carbon Filter

The size of your pots depends on your grow space, but if you want decent-sized plants go for at least 5-gallon pots.

Growing indoors takes more skill, maintenance and is less forgiving…

I don’t really want my whole house smelling of marijuana.

What’s Next…

Since you’re growing indoors…

Well, here’s the deal:

Materials needed to grow weed

Extraction fans are essential when growing cannabis indoors for two reasons. The first reason is that your plants need fresh air; they can’t sit in the same air for too long. All plants need certain levels of CO2 and Oxygen, which they use for different processes depending on the time of day (if it’s daylight or nighttime). The second reason is that if you don’t have an extraction fan, heat will build up in your grow room which is disastrous.

We’re going to have a quick look through the items we mentioned earlier on our shopping list so that you can figure out for your own which models work best for you and which ones you don’t need.

Growing area:

Having a fan in your grow room is an absolute must when it comes to the materials needed to grow cannabis indoors. Two of the biggest factors that fans affect are plant breathing and the heat in the room or tent.

LEC lighting:

Materials needed to grow cannabis indoors | Step by Step

If you’re going to be growing cannabis in a 1.2×1.2x2m grow tent, you’ll need to use this equation: