Maui Wowie Seeds

Maui Wowie Seeds
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Maui Wowie Info

PLANT TYPE20% Indica 80% Sativa
THCUp to 20%
CLIMATEIndoors and sunny climate
FLOWERS8 weeks
YIELDS14 to 17 oz per 3x3ft

Maui Wowie Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Nirvana Hawaii Maui Waui is actually a lanky exotic Cannabis Sativa which has actually long been actually among the chief attractions of the Hawaiian Islands. This marijuana stress receives a citrusy aroma, a smooth, fruity-herbal flavor as well as a helpful buzz. This is actually a strain from genuine old school marijuana seed genetics, which implies it is actually not as overpowering as contemporary interior cannabis stresses have a tendency to be. Via years of careful inbreeding, we at long last have actually managed to seize that challenging Valley Island preference.

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  1. She’s a sativa dominated cross of the Ledo Uno 96, Lambsbread Jamaica 94 and White Widow from Ingemar 96 that was specially engineered to fulfill cannabis growers’ tastes. Brains Choice is reported to be a simple growing marijuana strain. Her cannabis seeds had taken over the greatest qualities from her reliable parents. Being mainly sativa, they deliver taller strong light greenish plants which work nicely in groups and also as individual plants. Their reliable genes ensure that they are quite resistant against mold, fungus and pests. These seeds could be easy managed by first timers.

  2. All Royal Queen Seeds are feminized seeds and have been thoroughly tested for purity of their cannabis genetics. All botanical specimen seeds originate from organic parent plants only.

  3. Pyramid Seeds presents Anesthesia which is a combination of two chosen strains including Northern Lights as well as Black Domina, which in turn result is a formidable hybrid; a plant with all the choices which come with an amazing Indica: scrumptious, abundant with resins, lustrous and with a plentiful dark green leaves, it’s extremely appropriate becoming a mother due to its rapid growing traits. It is a sedative and potent plant. Average use is encouraged. Anesthesia is quite ideal to offset the effects of specific illnesses due to its one-of-a-kind behavior. Its cultivation is simple for newbies and additionally for those individuals that are after plants to clone properly; and all round, for those people who are interested in strong effects and Indica scents.

  4. White Widow by Pyramid Feminized Seeds is among the most renowned strains in the world. It’s always fashionable because if something is well-done it’s challenging to improve it; this is an occasion of one of old genetics, not easy to find nowadays. It exists in other seed banks with reduced prices although not with this high quality.

  5. Southern Lights gets its reputable name its trichome-coated limbs that position out like rays in each and every direction. This strain is considered the sativa-dominant progeny of two remarkably awarded strains: Paradise Seeds Sensi Star, champion of Highlife and also High Times awards in 99′ and 00′; and Soma’s New York City Diesel, 3 X Cannabis Cup recipient and a favorite among the many Amsterdam crowd. Conventional knowledge says that sativas provide smokers a “head high” in comparison with the indica “body high.” Southern Lights effectively mixes the 2 to obtain a buzz that both tingles the follicles and opens up the 3rd eye. Appropriate for indoor gardens, this variety’s flowers can start to achieve maturity around nine weeks however the average time is nearer to ten weeks. Right this moment or possibly a little earlier, the calyxes begin to bulge. Some gardeners extend the bloom to in between ten and twelve weeks for ongoing trichome production. Southern Lights forms many specific main stem branches which grow extremely high and sprout long heavy leaves. The internodes or branching points appear abnormally far apart initially, however they fill in quickly once the growing cycle advances. This plant produces the most effective yields when numerous branches are selected and stored. This sweet tasting selection delivers an uplifting blend of body and mind buzz which might be energizing and exceptionally psychedelic. The celebrity match contributes stellar attributes to the buzz; having said that, the Diesel parentage provides a feeling of brain acceleration and then the Sensi Star helps the high occur strong and fast, so some pacing may well be advisable. Providing it’s not overdone, the result ought to be a giddy animation, which may be harnessed to finish routine chores throughout the house or even enjoy with friends for a night out around town.

  6. Aurora B. is a mix of a carefully picked Northern Lights together with our sweet Skunk dad, a vigorous plant having hefty resinous buds. This strain has got the best features from both its parents. Aurora B. develops into a mid-sized plant comparable to Skunk#1, and possesses a sweet and fruity flavor having a hashy afterbite. Extremely large yields of quality product and a quick maturation time turn this cross a perfect cash cropper both indoors and outdoors. Just relax and delight in the lights.

  7. Introducing Critical Mass Automatic feminized Seeds from Big Buddha seeds. These feminized marijuana seeds stem from the infamous genetics of Critical Mass and Big Buddhas’ Automatic respectively. The automatic properties when crossed with the indica dominant properties of Critical Mass make this feminized cannabis seed a necessity to behold, taking only the finest genetic qualities from their respective parent plants. More great souvenir Seeds from our friends at Big Buddha seeds.

  8. Underground Originals Smile is indica dominant. Smile was created for people who don’t have a lot of head room and would like to get an idea of what a sativa high is like. Every bit of feedback confirms the sativa spirit is dominant in this cross. This cross has a really nicely balanced and quite complex energetic high.