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maverick seeds

White Geranium Seeds (Maverick Series) 5310. Bred as a high density, mass planting variety for the professional gardener but we think home gardeners will want it too! Early blooming, multiple stems and large 12 to 16 cm (5-6″) flowers on deep green zonal leaf plants can’t be beat. Matures to a garden height of 35-40 cm (14-16″). The MAVERICK series is a big improvement over our previously offered Orbit series for colour and consistency of plant habit. Packet contains 10 seed.

Start seed indoors in a soil-less mix in late January/early February. Sow 6 mm (1/4″) deep and keep at 21-24 C (70- 75 F) for the 14 to 21 day germination period. After germination, grow-on under lights at a cooler temperature range of 15-18 C (60-65 F). Transplant month-old seedlings to 10 cm (4’) pots for growing-on. Harden off young plants before transplanting outside to a sunny spot after all danger of frost has passed. Space plants 45 cm (18’) apart in the garden.

How to Grow

Maverick seeds


CBD Content 10-14%

The dense trichomes and dominant sweet, skunky aroma cause Maverick to standout in the field and on the shelf, leaving consumers amazed by its appearance and pungent fragrance

Consumer Traits

Days to Maturity: 85-90 Days

Day Length Neutral Variety

Technical Data

Maverick seeds

Fertilizer: Once the Geraniums have three true sets of leaves, continue to fertilize with a water-soluble fertilizer but change it to full strength.

Days to Maturity: Geraniums will take up to 16 weeks to bloom after planting them from seed.

Geraniums are some of the most popular flowers to grow. The flowers are easy to start from seed and grow well in containers. Geraniums are also a popular choice for hanging pots.

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Before Planting: The seeds have a tough outer shell, so it aids in germination to soak them before sowing. Spread the seeds over one half of a dampened paper towel and fold the paper towel in half. Put the towel-soaked seeds in a plastic bag for 24 hours prior to planting.

"Agriculture and seeds" provide the basis upon which our lives depend. We must protect this foundation as a safe and genetically stable source for future generations. For the benefit of all farmers, gardeners and consumers who want an alternative, we pledge that we do not knowingly buy or sell genetically engineered seeds or plants.

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Learning Download: How to Grow Geraniums

Watering: Allow soil to go completely dry between watering.