MaxAuto Cannabis Seeds Guarantee Your Beans Bud

MaxAuto Cannabis Seeds Guarantee Your Beans Bud

The new school female autos from Kannabia seed company are a grower’s best friend. After an arduous process, the inquisitive breeders at Kannabia were proud to announce their new MaxAuto strains were ready to go into production for the 2014 cultivation season.

These magic little beans are the direct result of a laborious cross-pollination process that sought to isolate some of their highly desirable FEM varieties, while at the same time igniting some of their old-school auto flowering phenotypes.

The feminized genetics contributes to the breeding process, adding rapid vegetative growth in approximately 75 days (depending on the variety), which will allow growers to obtain a medium to tall sized plant – beginning to flower in approximately 2 1⁄2 months.

After the genetically specified time period, and with the help of the auto flowering genetics, the plants buds will begin regardless of the photoperiod length – just 70+ days after the seeds have germinated.

Shortened vegetation periods with standard flowering time was the name of the game for these strains. Maintaining the plants normal FEM blooming routine, Kannabia’s MaxAuto seeds are stone cold producer. Maintaining the highest level of flavor, resin, and terpene production, these seeds are guaranteed to produce some high quality medicine.

From seed to smoke in approximately 5 months, the female autos from Kannbia maintain unique characteristics that make them highly adaptable for cultivation in South American countries or central and Eastern Europe, where the light and claimant conditions might not be the most suitable for other FEM varieties.

The Kannaiba seed company is run by young and open-minded people. They know exactly what today’s cultivators are searching for: accurate information on each of their individual strains, in addition to cultivation advice in the form of hints, tips, and tricks for maximizing the yield of each plant in different environmental circumstances.