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mean misty seeds

A medium sized, easy to grow, indica dominant plant that is highly resistant with a great amount of potency. A hybrid that produces sweet, citrus and mango terps in 8-10 weeks rewarding growers with enormous yields. Well recommended for commercial growers looking for huge harvests of top shelf flowers.

One of the biggest producers available, this hybrid will grow dense, microphone sized nugs at every internode, making her looked totally stacked come harvest time. Yields of up to 500 – 600 g/m² can be achieved in a Sea of Green, and plant training can enhance yields further. THC levels will range from 16-20%, and she will require 8-10 weeks depending on phenotype. Outdoors Misty Kush feminized will produce incredibly well and can take cold and wet climates with no problems at all.

Experiencing this strain: A well balanced strain that has the physical body of the Master Kush parent and the exhilarating sativa influence from the Misty. Once smoking a joint of this strain, the effects will be fast and come on strong. She may leave you staring into space in a world of your own, whilst feeling totally chilled out. Perfect for evening times, lounging at home with friends, watching movies and getting a good night’s sleep.

Misty Kush marijuana is a 50/50 hybrid with a cerebral high that lasts until you settle down. Well suited to having a good time, the strain features an above average level of THC and offers an impressive yield for growers, novice to master.


If you need an herbal pick-me-up, look no further than Misty Kush marijuana. A beautiful half and half creation, the cerebral high of Misty Kush lasts well into the experience, rendering the inevitable relaxation blissful and complete. Providing you consume with caution, this is an excellent strain to share among friends. The ability to relieve discomfort from inflammation, muscle spasms, aches, and migraines is why Misty Kush marijuana is often recommended for patients seeking natural alternatives. It’s particularly useful for patients dealing with glaucoma.

Misty Kush marijuana is a balanced hybrid of infamous origins that will help you appreciate the rain on a lazy afternoon. A strong smell and above-average content of THC make for an aromatic and heavy body stone that is fast becoming popular among cannabis consumers worldwide.