Medical Marijuana Boosts Debate In Senate

Medical Marijuana Boosts Debate In Senate

A prospective bill that would lay strict regulations on the growth and distribution of medical marijuana invited less attention in the Senate. The Medical cannabis bill that was sponsored by South Florida Democrats House sponsors Katie Edwards and Sen. Jeff Clemens, couldn’t get as much influence as expected.

Both of the bills were quite similar in nature, and were intended to shed light into the effects liberal marijuana legislation made in other states. The bill also suggested the passage of a law that would limit the growth and distribution of marijuana to clinically proven patients. The present system in the state does not entail any such regulations, and the liberal stance of the law is often subject to misuse by many.

In many states, the patients should obtain an eligibility to have access to marijuana. As per the eligibility criteria, only patients who fall under the specified list of debilitating medical conditions, can possess or grow marijuana. The existing legislation in the state lets authorized patients grow up to eight plants at home. This amendment had been drafted to cater to the medical cannabis needs of the patients. Edward stated that the law was often misused by many.

Edward was accompanied by Cathy Jordan, a medical cannabis patient from Manatee County. She testified that marijuana was effective in curing her debilitating ailment. She said marijuana could restore her appetite, and make her feel better. A study report released by neurologists in the country, shows that cannabis had properties that could help to protect the brain.

In many states in the US, marijuana is categorized as an illegal drug, along with LSD and heroin, despite its legitimate medical application. An earlier version of the federal law had allowed marijuana to be treated as a neuroprotector. National Institute of Health too is convinced of the cell protecting properties marijuana carries. All these factors add to the need to accept the medicinal values of marijuana, and pose it as weapon to fight against ALS. The study report by Washington University and Temple University concluded that marijuana was able to extend the life of patients afflicted with ALS. Report also indicated that the drug was a perfect remedy to the symptoms of the disease.

The proponents of medical cannabis allege that American Medical Association is crippled by the influence of politics, which prevents it from legalizing marijuana for medical use, considering the medical values it contains. Shouldn’t medical marijuana be legalized considering the facts rather than the rumors? Let the government arrive at a reasonable conclusion.