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medical mass seeds

Medical mass seeds


Medical Mass feminized cannabis seeds by Royal Queen Seeds will have your cannabis seed collection rocking and poppingwhile being responsible for jaws dropping. This mostly Indica dominant strain of cannabis has incredibly short flowering times and produces absolutely beautiful results that growers and consumers both can’t get enough of. Between large production levels and potent beautiful buds packed full of medicinal attributes Medical Mass is a favorite when it comes to the herb worldwide.

Medical Mass feminized cannabis seeds have an average flowering time of 49 days from seed to harvest in which amazing results will be rewarded to growers with patience and skill. Actually you don’t need that much patience but skill will tell the tale of your end result. Experienced growers will produce much larger results and higher potency levels that beginners for obvious reasons. However you can expect an average of 400 to 550 grams per square meter indoors with the sea of green is the preferred method of cultivation.

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Medical mass seeds

A bouquet of mixed aromas
Medical Mass brings high levels of CBD and equal levels of THC to the table, along with large yields and a compact structure. Given this strain�s mild psychoactive nature, it is an ideal choice for medicinal users seeking relief without an overwhelming high. CBD is known to provide a host of therapeutic benefits, and is said to mediate the effects of THC. As a result, Medical Mass�s nearly 1:1 THC:CBD ratio provides a synergy of effects that boosts the medical potential of this strain.

Flavour-wise, this strain has a deep, rich, almost honey-like sweetness to it, accompanied by a bouquet of complex aromas. It isn’t cloying or overpoweringly skunky, so even recreational connoisseurs will be won over by the cocktail of aromas unlocked once the buds are vaped or combusted.

Medical Mass is a new hybrid of Critical and Medical Madre. It’s a predominantly indica strain with a lot to recommend it, and a solid genetic background that combines some of the best traits of Royal Highness, Royal Medic, and Critical Mass.

Thanks to its Critical genetics, this hybrid is quite easy to grow and will thrive both indoors and out. Its short height of only 60�100cm makes it a very manageable plant for indoor growers who don’t have a lot of space to devote to a large grow room. Its yields are impressive, churning out 500�550g/m� indoors. Plants grown outdoors can reach up to 1.5m in height, and will yield 500�550g/plant of dried bud. This makes Medical Mass a great option for guerrilla growers and other discreet outdoor gardeners.

Medical mass seeds

Medical Mass is a Royal Queen Seeds hybrid strain. This CBD-rich, indica dominant strain comes from a cross between a Critical Mass and a plant that has a high CBD content. The idea behind this is to create a strain that’s designed for those to alleviate symptoms without experiencing intense psychoactive effects – and they did it. Its 1:1 THC and CBD ratio is ideal for treating symptoms while producing delicious aromas and flavors.

Indoors, Medical Mass is perfect for those that are looking for medicine that they can easily grow themselves. It’s pretty short, growing up to a meter tall maximum indoors with quite a short flowering period. It’s super easy to handle if you don’t have much space.

How to Grow Medical mass by Royal Queen Seeds

Once you flip it to flower it should take between 10 and 11 weeks to be ready to harvest. You should be able to harvest between 450 and 550 g/m2 of deliciously sweet medicinal buds. Medical Mass is a strain that’s relatively easy to grow with little complication.

How to Grow Medical mass RQS Indoors

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