Medical Seeds Review

Medical Seeds Review

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Medical seeds company are the newest spanish company to arrive to the UK.They have brought out a fantastic new range of seeds that are sold as singles and are individually packed.

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  1. Awards: not even introduced in competitions. Extremely powerful taste, woody and nutty. 9-10 weeks will offer rock-hard sativa buds blanketed in sparkling white resin. Indoor Yield in between 600 & 800 gr/sqm. Outdoor Yield as much as 1000 gr/plant. Euphoric high, very sociable and imaginative. On the list of fruitiest and sweetest regarding the sativas. 10-11 weeks having a yield of 500-700 gr/sqm. Very brief sativa, suitable for indoor growers! It finishes in between 15 & 30 October for most regions of the Upper hemisphere, or in mid May within the Lower. Production as much as 1000 gr/plant.

  2. Mach Fly is the outcome of combining a Warlock female with Mosca’s proven C99 male. The offspring are grow quickly and vigorous once established. The Mach Fly generates a few phenotypes with one focused towards skunk with solid colas and tight buds. The Mach Fly is a strain that generates a cerebral effect.

  3. The breeder dedicates this particular strain to the Weed Warriors cultivating in subterranean bunkers everywhere.