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megatron seeds


The largest and most impressive Daylily we grow, a huge show-stopper when in bloom, and also a large lush plant all season. Seeds are limited supply.

We grow many of our seeds ourselves, which helps ensure that your seeds are fresh and are true to variety! Those that we cannot grow ourselves are obtained from very reputable suppliers.

Megatron seeds

“What are you doing?!”
“Planting the seeds of the future. We must seek the balance, Megatron. Not only between the organic and the technological, but the balance between eternal enemies. Between you and I!”

“The menace has passed. Now we can truly be together, dark venom of my heart.”
“Oh, of all the corny. “

As Optimus lies defeated, Megatron stands gloating over his nemesis. To add insult to injury, Megatron has taken a new body. Primal’s Optimal body, minus the beast mode. And, to make it just right, Megatron then adds the sparks of the Maximals to the spark containment unit. Enraged, Optimus fights back, but Megatron punches him through the wall to the outside of the big floating head. Optimus manages to get in a few more shots, but stops, seeing the sparkless bodies of Silverbolt and Blackarachnia. Megatron takes a moment to rub it in, then attacks.

Continuity errors

Primal flees through the city scape, flying a merry little chase, until he reaches a power generator storage area. As Megatron temporarily loses track of his prey, Optimus comes up from behind and destroys several generators. Optimus barely manages to escape the inferno, as Megatron’s left arm is thrown out of the flames. After Primal makes a bad pun, Megatron emerges. As Primal jumps into a nearby river, he dives, only to have Megatron follow him in and shoot a hole in the ground, causing them to sink into a whirlpool.

However, the sparks of his comrades speak to him, inspiring him on. Shooting a beam at Megatron’s throne, vines extend and grab Megatron’s arms. Primal then tries to push him into the core. However, Megatron grabs hold of Optimus, who merely shoots off Megatron’s fingers to sever the vine, allowing them both to fall into the core. As they plummet, Primal bids Megatron farewell. Upon impact with the core, both Optimus and Megatron die in a flash of light. From space, a bright light rises, then begins to cover the surface of Cybertron.

Real-world references

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

“My great ascension is finally complete! YEEEEESSSS!

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