Michigan Town Clamps Down On Growers

Michigan Town Clamps Down On Growers

Michigan’s already confusing medical marijuana regulations just became even murkier in one Great Lakes community. Fruitport Township’s seven person board unanimously passed zoning ordinances that were “designed to eliminate potential dispensaries or larger grow operations.”

Under these new regulations, growers can only operate in single-family homes and there can only be one main caregiver. Caregivers can still serve up to five patients a day, as is the state law in Michigan. But the breadth of choices for growers–and patients–is certainly limited by this act.

Given the state of the economy and lack of jobs in this country, it’s a bit troubling that towns and cities–no matter how big or small–maintain such harsh stances like these against dispensaries and growers.

And while it’s understandable that a community wants to regulate the amount of dispensaries and grow houses, it’s also a bit ironic that one proposed dispensary that will no longer be able to open up shop was built next to a McDonalds.

A little kush never killed anyone. You can’t say the same about Big Macs. Just ask Morgan Spurlock.