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mid grade weed seeds

Mid grade weed seeds

Some of your stoner friends may rag on mids given their undeserved bad reputation. Part of me understands as I, too, would love to smoke only the best weed all the time. But there are a number of issues with ruling out mids when shopping for weed: it’s kind of elitist, it’s not budget-friendly, and depending on your needs, it may not always be necessary to buy top-shelf.

What exactly does mids mean?

And while a $65 eighth might be worth it in some cases, an eighth that costs half that price would suffice. If you’re looking to use weed to help cope with chronic pain or illness, top-shelf bud is your best bet. Or maybe you love a specific strain by a certain cultivator and it makes you feel amazing, in which case you should totally splurge on it.

What do mids look like?

If you refuse to buy anything other than top-shelf cannabis, you could be missing out on solid weed at a great price point. As Graham Farrar, President & Chief Cannabis Officer of Glass House Brands and CEO of Glass House Farms, put it, “The definition of ‘mids’ is really up to the consumer. Personally, I prefer terps and flavor over THC content, both for the smoking experience and for richness of effects.”

Mid grade weed seeds

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