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MK Ultra Seeds
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MK Ultra Info

PLANT TYPE50% Indica 50% Sativa
THCUp to 21%
FLOWERS8 weeks
YIELDS6 to 12 oz per 3x3ft

MK Ultra Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

MK Ultra is the G13 and OG Kush mixed together, which another problem is that half the cannabis in Southern California right now, or three-fourths of the cannabis, is OG Kush mixed with something else, and I have a lot of problems with that, of limiting the cannabinoid profile for patients and severely limiting the gene pool to grow from.

MK Ultra is one of the ones I have grown. The problem is it comes with a lot of mythology. The whole problem is the G13 strain. I have seen a dozen different strains called G13 over thirty years of growing, and it depends on where you are regionally. There is a lot of myth into it–that is was pulled out of U Miss, but I will give it this–it is research-grade indica, and it has had some work done to it, but separating all of that from the mythology has been impossible for me.

MK Ultra would be middle-ground on a growing difficulty. It is not easy, and it is not difficult. I would give it a five on a one to ten scale. MK Ultra is about sixty days, depending on the light and everything else into it. MK Ultra averages about six feet in height. MK Ultra usually yields about six ounces a plant, depending on the light and input. It is one of those ones that can do a lot more if you grow it bigger.

MK Ultra has good bag appeal. It has a good buzz to it. Con: it has OG Kush in it. MK Ultra is similar to 50,000 other OG Kush hybrids. That is my problem with it.

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  1. Awards: not even unveiled in competitions. Very powerful sativa high, a true blast. Quite an experience of the psychedelic variety. 13 weeks will supply ripe sativa buds along with heavier density and extraordinary resin. Expect a yield as much as 900 gr/sqm. Ready at the conclusion of November in the Upper hemisphere and in June within the Southern one. Massive yield: as much as 1300 gr/plant.

  2. Awards: 2nd prize High Times Cannabis Cup (2005). 3rd prize Champions Cup (2005). 3rd prize Highlife (2006). Mango Haze, Neville’s Haze, Laos. Outstanding psychoactive high, strong and enduring. Very uplifting and sociable, it leaves an incredibly relaxing feeling as a result of the high CBD. Woody and fruity sativa taste. 12-13 weeks having a yield of 700-800 gr/sqm. Finishes by middle November from the Northern hemisphere, or by middle June in the Southern. Production can reach up to 1000 gr/plant. Long buds with a huge amount of resin.

  3. Ultra Early Love is definitely an early flowering Love Potion variation with super mold resistance and a tremendously lemony flavour. It possesses the identical structure as Love Potion but finishes more than a month quicker.

  4. L.A. Ultra is among the most powerful strains on the marketplace and it is just about genuine Indica! Thus is it MK Ultra? L.A. Con? It is so you are able to discover!

  5. Kilimanjaro is a pure African sative that comes from the hillsides of Kilimanjaro in Kenya. It has a low harvest time and is the result of years of production by natives who call it “elephant killer.” It was used in religious rituals and during hunting due to its energizing effects. It stands out due to its pleasant and powerful taste and produces compact buds even in bad conditions.

  6. Has a great cheese like taste that lingers in the mouth, and a narcotic but manageable high. Txees Bilbo is very easy to grow, and with a short flowering time. It is ready after about 9 weeks indoors, and by early to mid-October outdoors. It is a very productive plant that can yield 500 grams per square metre in optimal conditions. Txees Bilbo is highly resistant to humid climates and environments.

  7. Neville’s Haze Marijuana Seeds via the Mr Nice Seedbank is a strain deemed on the list of ‘godfather’ original Seeds. A tribute towards the father of all modern seed businesses, Neville Schoenmakers. There’s something special concerning this 3/4 sativa that individuals in the know will recognize right as they smell the final product. Mr Nice sensi seeds are bred with the goal of obtaining merely the finest marijuana seeds. These cannabis seeds were designed by merging a pure Haze to a NL5/Haze, thus producing probably probably the most influential plants in our time , certainly for flavor and smell. All seed businesses owe the ground work and foundation of modern cultivars to Neville. Just like the gentleman himself… the legend is expands!