MM Genetics Review

MM Genetics Review

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Medical seeds company are the newest spanish company to arrive to the UK.They have brought out a fantastic new range of seeds that are sold as singles and are individually packed.

2 thoughts on “MM Genetics Review”

  1. Listed here is a medium to tall-sized plant also little stretch at 12/12, G-High features a fruity scent, but has the old school pot taste,very potent medicine, a big power hitter. Like it’s parent plant Rocky Mountain High. Very good for severe pain and appetite.

  2. The Big was dubbed for a couple of her super-powers, namely that she develops so large and strong which this lady might use a cape. Picture a punch towards the head by means of the Incredible Hulk and you will imagine what effect this girl has whenever smoked – a one-time overwhelming knock-out punch with virtually no technicalities!! An amazing option for chronic pain alleviation and relaxation, this G13 x Butterscotch Hawaiian hybrid was originally known as Free Leonard supporting native political hostage Leonard Peltier. BC Bud Depot journeyed to Israel and met with the guys within the Canndoc Medical Lab to secure these unique genetics. With tremendous trichome production, massive yields and off the graphs THC levels, this very good indica results in a superb medical antidote for virtually every ailment.