Mobile MMJ Services Replacing Brick & Mortar Depots

Mobile MMJ Services Replacing Brick & Mortar Depots

The recent crackdowns on brick and mortar dispensaries have made finding storefronts much more difficult (and a bit scarier). Luckily, there’s delivery services popping up all over various areas in MMJ states at a rapid pace.

And, yeah, it’s pretty sweet getting pizza delivered to your doorstep and then getting a bag of Kush dropped off ten minutes later (or, preferably, before). Though delivery services aren’t cropping up for the sake of patient convenience. The strong-arming of dispensaries throughout the country and the state has pushed many dispensaries from physical storefronts to virtual ones.

One example of this shift was detailed in the San Fran Chronicle. Medithrive, a cannabis dispensary in San Francisco’s Mission District that was forced to close last month, has re-emerged as a delivery-only service, part of a growing trend in California’s billion-dollar medical marijuana industry that’s recently come under attack by federal authorities. Threats of property forfeiture, fines, lawsuits and raids this winter have made brick-and-mortar locations less enticing to pot entrepreneurs. Hundreds of storefronts have closed amid the new federal crackdown. Delivery services remain, offering a lower-profile, albeit more dangerous, alternative.

Lots of point-out-the-obvious in this article. LA city attorneys confirm that the number of mobile services and storefronts is “inversely correlated,” and that the spread of deliveries comes thanks to closures and the overall convenience of deliveries. Unfortunately, while the closures create delivery services, there’s also the risk of dispensaries that have been shuttered switching to black market operations.

Thankfully, sites like WeedMaps help delivery operations find a market and continue medicating patients even when their preferred storefront is closed–because infringement on patients rights only prolongs the “problem” that this senseless drug war continue to exist.

Dispensaries exist to keep access safe – shutting down safe access is legislatively backwards and, as the proliferation of mobile operations proves, near impossible.