Mom’s Rethink Their Alliance With Anti Marijuana Groups

Mom's Rethink Their Alliance With Anti Marijuana Groups

As today’s modern mothers are beginning to rethink the unjust marijuana laws that our kids must currently face, should they have a momentary lapse in judgment and fall victim to the “devils lettuce”. They have begun to pull the blinders off and educate themselves about marijuana and all of its beneficial applications. From the high quailty marijuana seed oil, and all of its applications, to the many uses of hemp.

Now that the curtain has been pulled back from the “Great Wizard of Oz”, mom’s know just exactly who is behind our current lunatic marijuana prohibition. The four horsemen of the marijuana prohibition war, fighting this bloody battle to keep the cannabis plant down and out… would be the 1.) The worlds drug cartels, which obviously profit from the elevated prices due to prohibition. 2.) The United States pharmacological industry, as they are not interested in having the US general populace being able to cultivate a plant that would take care of the majority of ailments that most Americans face on a daily basis. 3.)The American corporate prison system, which makes an ungodly amount of money by unjustly incarcerating many hard-working American citizens. 4.) The US military is loves it when some third world country asks us to go abroad and enforce our moralistic laws, on their countries, regarding how they should handle their drug policy.

However once a country accepts US funding for their new war on drugs, they quickly discover that our presence is much harder to remove them to invite. Countries often find that the U.S. is similar to the unwanted relative that comes to visit for a day, and it turns into the extended nightmare.

Mothers now see… and realize the joint effort by these four entities. They realize that our childerns futures are at stake, they are merely cogs in the larger cooperate wheel and have begun to speak out en mass. They were no longer subject their offspring to the unjust and lopsided laws of the federal government.