Morning Glory Cannabis Strain Review: With A Hawaiian Mom & A Skunk Of a Dad

Morning Glory Cannabis Strain Review: With A Hawaiian Mom & A Skunk Of a Dad

These ladies are bound to be tough

The Morning Glory line of seeds produces superior plants with hearty genetics. The flower from these ladies produces an energetic and blissful high, with an interesting range in its tastes and aromas – while still enjoying prolific yields. These seeds have traditionally been a perennial favorite among the talented breeders / cultivators at Barney’s Farm – producing award-winning buds. After showing promising results for the ‘900 pound gorilla’ in the marijuana seed world [Barney’s Farm], Morning Glory has been high on many of cultivators’ list – particularly after its victory in 2002 at the high times cannabis cup. The Morning Glory flower is a genetic soup of rich exotic island flavors – with a Hawaiian Sativa mother – and a ‘tough as nails’ skunk of a father. She is perfect for your more tropical environments.

Skunk genetics are primarily praised as possessing versatile characteristics in their hereditary offspring, offering stronger plants that provide many desirable and resilient qualities to the slightly many of the more delicate and shall we say… challenged strains. Sativas genetic characteristics are commonly known to be taller, lankier and more fastidious in specific grow environment. This can be a deal breaker for some growers, as mold and fungus can often be a greater concern with some varieties adapted for specific grow regions.

Cannabis seeds developed specifically for Hawaiian style environments, may lose their special Poly / island style flavors if relocated to a more temperate environment. Hidden within Morning Glory, the strength of a Hawaiian mother has been infused with the resilient skunk genetics, adding a hearty efficiency to its growth. Yet – with a surprisingly faint earthy floral undertone to the exhale, the skunk also allows the island qualities to navigate the tropical flavors and elevating effects.

Morning glory seeds tend to develop into plants that are somewhat gangly in nature, working best when the branches have been properly supported rather than pruned back to a single stem plant. This plants growing structure is truly uniquely for a hybrid, with medium leaves… a medium growing height, and long gangly branch structure – she can be an odd looking lady. Most growers I’ve spoken with recommend starting your Morning Glory seeds in your basic old-school set up, soil fed by organic nutrients. When the ladies are happy and the weather has cooperated, they can finish anywhere from early October to mid-November in an outdoor garden, or after 8 – 10 weeks of budding indoors, with average yields of just under a pound per 10 ft.2

In their natural tropical environment, Morning Glory’s flowers have a noticeably distinct, citrus like fragrance. Its pleasurable smoke is soothing, with just a hint of the spicy earth overtones. Rich with subtle hints of either that’s and tropical spices. The elevated mindset is soaring yet concurrently tranquil. Perfect for augmenting those nasty little social activities, making any evening more interesting.