Most Efficient Mix of Lights and Wattage

Most Efficient Mix of Lights and Wattage

When you grow marijuana seeds at home, the proper lighting, the right mix of growth lights and the right wattage to grow is not only going to ensure you get the best growth but also that you can possibly time the marijuana cannabis seeds growth period, if you find the right lights to use. There are several artificial lights on the market, and all work well, depending on the type of growth you are doing and on the size of your garden. So, when deciding on the artificial lighting, one must consider either MH or HPS light during both stages of growth; running MH light during the vegetative process, followed by HPS during the flowering period; or running both MH and HPS lights during all phases of growth. Depending on your garden, the space and what type of growth you are looking for, each of these three options has its benefits.

Using a standard HPS bulb in an MH fixture is going to provide the same wattage. So, if you are running on limited funds, going with the HPS fixture and standard MH and HPS bulbs which are rated for the same wattage is going to offer the best growth. You will use the MH bulb during the vegetative stage of the marijuana seeds strains, and the HPS bulb during the flowering stage. Depending on the size of the garden, the wattage will also vary. If you are growing 4 to 15 plants, a 400 watt bulb should offer sufficient lighting; if you have a smaller garden, between 2 to 5 plants, 250 watts should be sufficient for growth. The grower also should consider the lights and various types of lighting available to purchase.

The HID, high intensity discharge, cannabis marijuana seeds lights are most efficient in converting electricity into light. There are both MH, metal halide, and HPS, high pressure sodium lights. MH grow lights produce an abundance of light in the blue spectrum, which is optimal for marijuana growth. This color promotes growth and is the best light for green leafy growth and for keeping your plants compact. This MH light is best if it is your primary source of lighting. The HPS grow lights emit an orange-red glow, which triggers the hormones in plants to increase, during the flowering or budding phase of cannabis marijuana seeds. These are best used as a secondary source of lighting or can be used if you are using natural sunlight as the highest form of lighting for your garden.

There are also fluorescent grow lights, which are perfect for the start or seedling process. They offer a lower wattage, and therefore are not the best choice for the full growth the grower is seeking. However, during the early stages, it can offer great wattage to start off the growth process of marijuana cannabis seeds.

LED grow lights are another option to use. These are a newer form of growing lights and are similar to the HPS lights, but last a much longer time, in general about 6 weeks longer. Therefore, they are a cheaper option to the HPS lighting and offer similar amounts of wattage and light when growing. The LED lights are much weaker however, offering only 3 to 30 watts, which means they are going to have to run for longer periods to get the growth for which you are looking, and there are going to have to be more lights over the garden for optimal growth.

Incandescent lights are also good for the starting of germination and seedlings. They are only good for individual plants, and are not optimal for garden growth. Hanging height lights are another option to consider. They emit anywhere from 100 to 250 watts and should be hung 2 to 3 feet over the garden. If you are running at 400 to 600 watts, they should be up at least 4 feet away. And anything at high wattage (1000 watts and up) should be placed no closer than 5 to 6 feet away in order to encourage optimal growth of weed seeds.

The choice is up to the grower, but using a mixture and combination of all growth lights will offer the best growth spurts. Additionally, if you can afford it, you are going to want to purchase a blend of different wattage for each form of lighting in order to get the optimal growth conditions and to see the best results flourish. If you are on a limited budget however, you are going to want to consider those lights with the highest wattage in order to see the fastest growth of cannabis seed when you are looking for instant results and when you do not have the necessary funds to purchase all types of lighting.