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new marijuana growing techniques

New marijuana growing techniques

Here you can see a before and after picture of lollipopping a cannabis plant. Basically, you just remove the lower branches/ leaves so it resembles a lollipop.

Now to the big question – how does fimming work?

5. Monster Cropping

Low Stress Training involves bending the branches slowly so that they grow in a certain direction. This is similar to putting braces on your teeth.

One of the toughest things to manage in any indoor garden is height. Sometimes you come across a strain or plant that wants to become a tree (yes we are looking at you sativa dominant strains!). In this case we can utilize several methods to keep the plant away from burning on the grow light.

3. Lollipopping

This technique has the name Monster Cropping because it results in so many flowers, so it has almost a monster result. Monster Cropping is where you take clones of a plant during the flowering phase, replant them, and revert them back to the vegetative growth stage. This allows you to save on seeds, have have continous harvests.

New marijuana growing techniques

How long should curing last? Why not try some when you are opening the containers to let dry air in. Is there mold on the buds? If not, good! No condensation on the container’s walls? Good! Is the taste and smell satisfactory when you smoke a sample? Good! At this point, stop curing the buds and seal them tightly until you are ready to start smoking them. The curing process can last three weeks or longer.

Grow with the Sun

To help you make sense of this, think about multivitamins. When you take a multivitamin, does it make sense to take twice or three times the recommended daily amount? No, of course, it doesn’t! You could make yourself very sick.

Harvest and Post-Harvest Handling is Critical!

Choosing the correct medium can make or break your cannabis crops by determining how much or how little a yield your plants give.

If your buds aren’t “ sprouting ” any new white hairs, this means harvest time is close. Closely observe the hairs on the buds and begin harvesting when approximately half of those hairs have become dark in appearance. This dark color lets you know that the compounds in the buds have reached their highest level of concentration, so any delay will cause them to start dwindling.

Drought Stress Boosts Potency of your Plants

First and foremost, don’t harvest too early or too late. So, how do you know when is the right time to harvest? The clue lies on your buds.

Which strategies can I use to increase yields of my Cannabis Plants?
There are various strategies you can employ to enhance the yields of your Cannabis plants. First, you should cut back on fertilizer usage when the plants reach the growing stage. This is because cannabis require minimal nutrients when growing and excessive nutrients can trigger “nutrient burn” and consequently reduce yields as well as the THC content. You should also be keen when picking the growing medium. Pick a medium which the correct moisture content and sufficient nutrients. You should also choose your strain wisely.