New Mexico Marijuana Program Cultivates Lawsuit From Rejected Applicant

New Mexico Marijuana Program Cultivates Lawsuit From Rejected Applicant

As the fall out from the medical marijuana application process heats up in Albuquerque, New Mexico – some dispensary applicants are feeling a little less than enthusiastic about the whole process. Some believe that nepotism or perhaps the good old boy network; of a back slap and some palm greasing have excluded them from being accepted as an applicant.

Case and point: Medical Gone Green Inc. of Hobbs N.M. is now suing some the New Mexican officials that recently rejected their application to run one of the cities permissible medical marijuana collectives. MGG claims to have been arbitrarily denied a medical marijuana cultivation and distribution licenses.

Medical Gone Green asserts that the New Mexico officials in charge of the mmj program had performed such a disastrous job in providing any form of transparency, or time frames for the MMJ application process. And that, because the process has been so lethargic in its attempt to cultivate rules and an oversight committee… caused the plaintiff’s business attempt to fail.

Medical Gone Green’s lawsuit states that; said plaintiffs had applied for their medical marijuana cultivation and collective license, which would have allowed for the production and distribution of their medical marijuana back in late Oct. 2009. The problem as they see it was that the state took until Feb. 28. of 2012 to notify them of their rejection.

In a state that currently has over six thousand medical marijuana patients waiting to receive their medical marijuana, and knowing that only 23 medical marijuana dispensaries will be allowed for the entire state. There is an obvious gold rush mentality at work here. Along with the fight for the right to cultivate… everyone can smell the green that can be made from being one of the selected 23.