New420Guy Seeds Review

New420Guy Seeds Review

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New420Guy Seeds is a team of breeders with a combined total of over 40 years of experience in breeding top shelf cannabis genetics dedicated to providing the best strains without a high price tag. Based in Sacramento, California, USA, we specialize in regular seeds, offering indicas, sativas, hybrids, and auto-flowering strains from a wide variety of origins. We currently have over 80 different strains and we are still making more, including some feminized seeds.

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  1. Four Way includes 1/4 Ruderalis, 1/4 Indica, 1/4 Sativa, and 1/4 Skunk#1. Four Way typically takes on an Indica visual appeal, rather small and bushy with medium large leaves. This mix generates a relatively mild smoke and it has a fantastic all-around flavor. Four Way really does nicely of many growing systems and is also simple to clone. Four Way is highly resistant against most diseases and yields well.

  2. CBD Seeds Auto White Autoflowering – This variety has grown to be well liked very quickly because as everybody knows, does not respond to photoperiod, but it flourishes no matter the date of the season in which we, or light it receives. Originally a plant of small dimensions, ideal for small spaces, form a single central baton about 30-40cm. In CBD and stabilize this auto crossed with another variety flourishing larger so that you could boost its taste and production, obtaining samples and effects machines with really unique flavors. No doubt you’ll get great results from this friendly and unassuming friend.

  3. Sativa hybrid made from 2 lines of CBG, is the 50% Nepal Highland and 50% Jamaica Blue Mounatin. Simple to cultivate, vigorous and with high resistance to mold and pests. Active and clear effect.