Night Owl Seeds Review

Night Owl Seeds Review

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Night Owl seeds is the side project of Daz from Mephisto Genetics. tarting with some of the best autoflower breeding stock available and crossing them to unique photoperiod genetics has unlocked effects and flavor profiles never before seen in autoflowering cannabis. Working all new varieties to F4 before release allows for an intimate knowledge of the lines, while releasing extremely limited edition true F1 auto hybrids allows these new lines to express in even more ways! If you are a veteran of the autoflower scene looking for something new, or a first time autoflower grower, you can’t go wrong with Night Owl Seeds!

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  1. The Exile comprises 50% Warlock, 25% White Widow, and 25% Northern Lights.

  2. Sweet Malawi is a sativa / indica f1 hybrid based on the Afropips Malawi Mini.

  3. Karma Genetics Seeds Mirre is a great Medical strain. Providing good yields with quite simple to manicure buds. Its an incredible strain to cultivate inside a SOG setup. The mother utilized in the crossing is a Sage female along with a Jack male. Mirre provides a Narcotic high that will get much improved with a cure.