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night train seeds

Night Train has a strong herbal aroma which is perfectly paired with a hint of citrus. When broken apart by hands, notes of pine and wood rush towards the nose. You will know that the herb is cured well when a pungent, spicy smell becomes more noticeable. This is also coupled with the scent of damp grass and skunk. Once combusted, the strain releases a quite intense nutty fragrance.


With just a short flowering cycle of 7 to 9 weeks, Night Train also gifts indoor cultivators with an average yield of about 283-340 g/m 2 . If grown outside, it flowers during the last week of September to the second or third week of October, bearing at least 340 g/plant.

Growing Information

Night Train is a cannabis variant that was first released by California-based breeders Elemental Seeds. However, DNA Genetics also developed their version of the herb which they named Cole Train.

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About Night Train Marijuana

While no doubt a true hybrid, 50/50 for that matter, the high you will experience from this strain is closer to a pure Indica. The high comes on quickly, and will leave you feeling euphoric. A feeling of relaxation and creativity soon follows, although the body buzz is usually strong enough to discourage too much productivity. Couchlock and in turn sleepiness should be expected for even the most experienced smokers. This strains exceptional sedative characteristics make it a favorite for those medicinal users seeking treatment for anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Night Train is ideally enjoyed at night, although not necessarily on a train.

Night Train Marijuana Effects

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