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nikah #3 seeds

Nikah #3 seeds

Here’s Nikah #3, the frostiest of the bunch:


Interesting comparing the trichomes, the outdoor ones are shorter stalks than the indoor, keeping them close to the plant during extreme conditions maybe….more frost on the sugar leaves indoors.

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A couple pics of the indoor DLA5 f2s, I have the contents outside trimming up, there is just no room in that dinky tent.

Nikah #3 seeds

Following similar campaigns in cities across India, the Markazi Sunni Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind in Uttar Pradesh’s Mirzapur has said they will not solemnise marriages if dowry will be a part of it.

Following the tragic death of Ayesha Banu Makrani, the 23-year-old from Ahmadabad, who committed suicide after being harassed by her husband and in-laws, Muslim bodies across the country are coming out against the practice of exchange of dowry in marriages, terming it as un-Islamic.

The organisation also stated that they would not conduct a nikah ceremony where music and dance are happening and DJ is there. “This is against Islam; (we) will boycott such weddings,” the committee members added.

Nikah #3 seeds

The Masajid Committee and Darul Qaza in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh also decided that the Ulama will not solemnise nikah if there is an exchange of dowry.

Last week, Muslims in Agra took a unanimous decision against the practice of dowry and vowed to renounce it.

On February 25, 23-year-old Ayesha died by suicide by jumping into the Sabarmati River in Ahmedabad allegedly over dowry harassment. In a video she recorded before killing herself, Ayesha is seen saying that she is “not made for bottles”.

The Ulama have decided to launch a nationwide campaign to appeal to people to join them in the cause.

“Dad, how long will you fight? Withdraw the case. Ayesha is not made for battles. I love Arif, so why will we bother him? If he wants freedom, then he should be free. Anyway, my life is ending here. I am happy that I will meet Allah. I will ask him where did I make a mistake? What is the fault with me?” she further says.

“We will run campaigns and identify places where such cases are being reported more often. We will remind people dowry is haram,” Mufti Ahmed said.

In wake of the suicide of 23-year-old Ayesha Banu Makrani in Ahmadabad after being harassed by her husband and in-laws, the Ulama in the Uttarakhand have taken a strong stance against the practice of dowry. They have announced that they will not solemnise any nikah where dowry is exchanged and will also socially boycott the families that demand or seek dowry in the procedure of marriage.