Nirvana Review

Nirvana Review

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For those who are grow medical marijuana, and keep their own indoor or outdoor home garden, using as many sites and sources as you can, in order to purchase the best seeds, find the information you are looking for on all seeds, and get the information you are looking for on growing, one great source to consider turning to is Not only does the site offer the best prices on regular marijuana seeds, feminized, medical, indoor or outdoor, and package deals when you purchase your seeds, but the site also offers solutions and advice when you are having a hard time growing your garden. You are going to find the best prices on these marijuana seeds, and if you purchase the package deals, you are going to be able to mix and match the seeds you purchase, and find the best prices on a mixed variety, rather than on only one kind of seed.

The also offers several great features for the user of the site to turn to. So, whether you are looking for a brief history on cannabis and growth, tips about growing, have questions, or are looking for anything that is related to the growth, tending to, and building of a great garden space, you are going to find the sources for your information when you visit Not only is it a sales site, but it is a site where those interested in learning how to grow, and learning the best types of gardens to start up, and how to start them up, can turn to in order to get an in depth guide on marijuana, seeds, and the entire process of growing out a garden. Of course there are several pros and cons when using this site, so visitors are not going to want to rely on as their only source for information. But, for those who are looking for great prices, and want to find a great variety of sees, the site is an excellent starting and reference point to turn to.


  • Extremely low prices on all seeds
  • Soiltabs which help offer nutrients to your garden to help it grow
  • Easy payment options when purchase
  • A wide selection on different varieties of seeds
  • All around reference site for everything one wants to know about cannabis, growth, and the process to undertake

There are also other pros to turning to are the FAQ sections, and the tips and advice to grow your garden. Here visitors are going to find commonly asked questions, and get the answers as to where they are doing things wrong when starting out a garden, or trying to get the best growth in the garden. The advice section is also going to give the visitor the information and tips on setting the proper lighting, which LED or HID lights to choose, how to get the proper airflow in to the garden, and several other tips and resources to get the garden growth to the optimal levels.


  • Lack of an all inclusive informational site
  • Cluttered site layout
  • Lack of information on certain seed

Additional cons include, the fact that although the site is informational, it is far from an expert site, and is basically managed by the company that is selling the seeds on it. So, although most of the information is accurate, it is not as in depth as it can be, and there are a few tips and some advice that might be a personal opinion, rather than based purely on fact. Another con is that although there are several seeds, and they are extremely reasonably priced, there are other sites that if the visitor compares, they might find the same, and in some instances better deals on the seeds they are looking to buy. Additionally, since there are so many competitor sites, visitors might get overwhelmed with the information, as it is a bit cluttered on the page, and is not broken down section by section, which can be frustrating for the beginner grows who need the step by step guide.

Overall, is a great site to purchase seeds, find great deals, and find the package deals which will give them low prices, great mix and match seeds, and the very best seeds they can find. Additionally, the site does offer some great solutions for growth problems, and it does offer a fair deal of information for one to get great results in the growth of their garden, and to get a solid start to growing their new garden. It is a bit cluttered however, and for the beginner grower, some of the terms should be broken down a bit more. Additionally, with so many competitor sites selling seeds, although there is a pretty extensive option for seeds to be purchased at, it does fall short compared to other sites that visitors can turn to, in order to buy seeds as well.

If you are looking for a fairly basic, and easy to follow site, especially if you are an amateur or a professional grower, you are going to find that offers great reference points, offers a fair selection of tips and advice to get the best growth, and best of all offers great prices on seeds, especially those that are most commonly sought and purchased. Additionally, the site offers other products, such as germination kits, solitabs for added nutrients, and offers a great propagator (which has built in LED lights), to help aid in the growth process. Overall it is a reputable site, a great site to turn to for reference and basic tips, and it is going to offer a great deal of seeds, for lower than the average price.

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