Northern Lights Natural RX Medicinal Cannabis Wellness Center

Northern Lights Natural RX Medicinal Cannabis Wellness Center

Mitch and Eve Woolhiser – the owners of Northern Lights Natural RX in Edgewater Colorado – have the perfect hybrid combination background of both healthcare and business bravado to thrive in the seemingly crowded Colorado marijuana marketplace. By providing patients quality meds and a distinctive and comfortable experience, this dynamic duo of a husband and wife team makes sure to work on one on one basis with each patient, helping them to understand the varied medicinal value in each strain; CBD percentage, THC percentage and what might suit their specific needs.

Expert cultivators – the professionals at Northern Lights Natural RX are passionate about the medicinal values of the cannabis plant, specializing in masterfully grown cannabis that’s picked at full maturation by caring hands, providing the most fully developed genetic profiles. Cured to perfection, the flavonoids you smell while investigating the different strains of flower in the wellness center – taste the same at first exhale.

Here are four shining examples of Northern Lights Natural RX top strains

Catatonic 50/50:

Flavor: citrus and peppers. Effects: their award-winning high CBD strain has a 50/50 to 70/30 ratio of CBD to THC. The medicinal effects are extremely clearheaded and utterly unlike a “normal” high THC strain. Uses: perfect for muscular spasms, appetite stimulation, anxiety or chronic pain.

Sour Diesel Sativa 90/10:

Flavor: strong diesel flavors, pungent, leaving an oily taste on the tongue effects: sour diesel will enjoy an uplifting pleasure with an elevated consciousness trending towards spiritual enlightenment. Sour diesel priests combined with its overall effects is not for the faint of heart. Uses: ADD, ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease, psychosis, bipolar disorder, PTSD, depression, Lou Gehrig’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and stress.

Chernobyl Sativa 60/40:

Flavor: with a lime soda or sherbet flavor, this chronic flower is an extremely potent hit a herb – with one or two rips from your favorite glass piece, your mind will begin wonder thinking of esoteric tangents and how they intersect you change your life. Effects: this nuclear little flower provides a sedating and restful high. Uses: powerful yet pleasant – excellent for those seeking pain relief, minus the sometimes annoying paranoia.

Durban Poison Sativa 100%:

Description: this subtropical Sativa is named after the South African port city of Durban where thousands of kilos of this dark, distinctive Sativa are produced every year. Smokers everywhere know her to be a Sativa like no other; she will shoot your head straight to the clouds and leave your body behind. Flavor: sweet licorice. Effect: extremely tripping.

As any good Denver wellness center will, Northern Lights Natural RX spotlights a wide and varied selection of many delicious edibles, which are happily tested in-house to ensure their ultimate potency and potential medicinal value.