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Northern Lights Info

PLANT TYPE90% Indica 10% Sativa
THCUp to 18%
CLIMATEIndoors and sunny climate
FLOWERS9 weeks
YIELDS12 to 16 oz per 3x3ft

Northern Lights Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Northern Lights is one that has been around forever. It revolutionized indoor growing. There probably would not be indoor growing now if it was not for Northern Lights, and I doubt there is a strain on any of these lists that does not have some Northern Lights in it. That is how we got some of the sativas to get down in time. It has been of multiple benefits. Northern Lights is a hybrid of several different indicas with about twenty percent sativa thrown into it. It was done back in the ’80s. It came from the Pacific Northwest, and Seattle, and it was brought to Holland. Northern Lights is one of the easiest ones to grow that there is. You just have to watch your water.

Northern Lights usually averages fifty to sixty days, but can go up to sixty-five days. It is usually better to let it fully mature. It tastes a lot better. It is still comparable with any one of these hybrids being grown today. Northern Lights is usually best if it is grown six to eight feet. I have seen a lot of people see a green-it [SP] and grow them a lot smaller, but it is really hard to get it fully mature that way. Northern Lights is one of those ones that really makes a difference on what you put into it. Usually you should be able to get at least eight ounces indoors with a good full-size Northern Lights plant.

There are a whole bunch of similar strains to Northern Lights right now, and it is one of those ones that is oft-copied, and oft-imitated. Northern Lights is really one of my favorite strains to smoke and grow. I always joke with people now and tell them that I can take old school Northern Lights genetics and contest-grow anybody with their fancy new genetics now, bring it to full maturation, and win contests with it. It is still that good. It is what you put into it.

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  1. Bro Northern Lights is one of my all time fav’s. I love the clear energetic high, NL5 is pure Indica.. The second “real” strain I ever smoked when I was young.

  2. Northern Lights is one that has been around forever. If it was not for them indoor growing wouldn’t exist.. They are so good.

  3. My first indoor love was Northern Lights. When I first grew indoor in 1997 in S.F. NL was the Bomb diggety. Tough against mold, high yeild and tasty as heck my old boss at Levi Strauss use to love my med’s thanks Nate! You old Navy Seal you!

  4. Northern High Lights from Advanced Female Seeds is a new rendition on the classic and greatly loved Northern Lights. Northern High Lights takes the desired characteristics of NL and amplifies them with some unique additions of its own. The interesting combination of genetics withheld by this plant allows it to produce a plentiful bounty of buds that strongly resemble its NL parent alongside some unexpected and intensified surprises.

  5. With big wide leaves, large crystal coated buds plus a strong hashy taste, this plant is really a favorite to outdoor and indoor growers. This is a classic plant of high THC levels accompanied by a flowering duration of 7 – 8 weeks. B.C. Northern Lights is internationally renowned because of its legendary high.

  6. Using the BC Skunk #1 x Northern Lights mix, the BC Bud Depot has developed a great yielding, high THC F1 Hybrid. The Northern Lights female was five feet in height and appeared as if a cedar tree coated in long resin filled buds. The BC Skunk #1 male supplied strong indica genetics. This cross rapidly became a top-notch clone that is now selfed to deliver all of you female seeds. Great strain for outside and inside.

  7. Amazing ship, a superb companion for virtually any period of the day. Northern was developed with the crossing of Indica/Sativa in California for longer than two decades, which results in this phenomenal plant, that being a tiny undiscovered who tastes it always become surprised. Having its effect, it is the atmosphere of each puff in a genuine positive energy reflected as part of your face. itht an odor of Asian spices, aromas of mustard, staranise, cinnamon, paprika or nutmeg. Taste: vanilla, Soft, and spices. Smell: Very unique, flowers, . Effect: Mental relaxation and Powerful.

  8. Two vintage titans brought with each other in a F1 ultra hybrid! This is a true winner by Ceres Seeds.

  9. Our Northern Light Blue Automatic is a mainly Indica automatic with high medicinal value. It’s ideal for relieving chronic pain, leaving you in a pleasantly relaxed state of well being, great for long meditation sessions or just chilling out.

    A medium-sized plant that can reach 70cm, it produces one large central bud and many other lateral ones that are densely packed and covered in resin crystals. It has a subtle aroma of forest fruits (such as blueberries, strawberries and raspberries) and retains intact the organoleptic properties of the non-auto version.

    Being a 3rd generation strain (a cross between 2 strains with autoflowering genes) makes this a highly evolved plant. This is mainly evident in its vegetative stage during which it develops much more vigorously and in the flowering stage, which is more abundant and better quality. The high growth potential of this generation of automatics can be appreciated throughout the life cycle. In northern latitudes it’s a very attractive option for a summer crop while, in Mediterranean climes, two or three crops per season are very frequent.

  10. A compressed version from the idolized old favourite, however, this time around bred short in stature, perfect for growing indoors. Famous because of its nicely balanced high and profitable sized yield. A reliable all rounder which has a skunky flavor and uplifting buzz. 50% indica and 50% sativa = 100% quality. The finest of all probable worlds bringing diametrically opposed opposites right into a paradoxical harmony. Unreal banana peel, this particular one could possibly be the reinvention of the wheel.

  11. NL#5 Classic and famous indoor strain, conserved through selective breeding mainly Indica with approximately 14-20% Sativa component which provides the lingering and prolonged high. A Cannabis Cup recipient. Smooth, sweet fragrance and smoke. Prolonged intense high in addition to being short and stocky.

  12. This Northern Lights is selectively bred for vigorous growing, high yield and a superb high. A necessity for growers preferring bushy, short plants. The buds come with an incredibly frosted, resinous appearance. Truly one of the best all-around indoor indica plants.

  13. Different plant, exact same product! This strain continues to be going through ongoing alterations for over 15 years now; greater flower rate, sugared buds, thinner and fewer leaves resulted in higher yields in a sea of green. But still the exact same powerful product, with all the original Northern Light flavor and smell. A very powerful Indica stone.

  14. Northern Lights #5 feminized Seeds from Finest Medicinal Seeds. These medical female cannabis strains offer among the best properties for medical marijuana users. This sensational hybrid has pioneered the way for various strains which proceed it. This Haze x Northern Lights #5 cross boasts both Sativa and Indica characteristics taking optimal portions from each. Many consider this classic female marijuana seed strain still unsurpassed in quality even going to this present day, and therefore it proves a must have with the cannabis seed collectors market.

  15. G13 Labs presents Northern Lights times Skunk. Its feminized Seeds are a Sativa/Indica mix.

  16. Introducing Northern Lights Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds from the infamous Genehtik Seed Bank. Northern Lights Auto is the resultant hybrid from a variety of different marijuana strains. However these Northern Lights marijuana seeds take their predominantly indica genetics from it’s parents, Northern Lights and a mystery Autoflowering hybrid respectively.

  17. Introducing Northern Lights X Feminized Seeds from the infamous Genehtik Seed Bank. A hot seller in Holland and throughout the planet ever since the 80s, Northern Lights is among many of the most well renown marijuana seeds. The Genehtik seed bank have succeeded to harness the geatest genetics with this Indica dominant strain, in order to deliver their very own souvenir feminized Seeds, Northern Lights X. These Seeds have paved the road for numerous hybrids and crosses which is visible today, so why don’t you collect a bit of history with the terrific souvenir marijuana seeds.

  18. High and stoned, very balanced. Fast hit, long lasting effect. Incense-like and hashish-like flavour and aroma.

  19. This short, strongly built strain with dense buds and excellent yields is an extremely lucrative plant. Superb resin production, tremendous variety.

  20. The Northern Light comes from Afghanistan and it’s a 100% indica strain that’s been graced with three Cannabis Cup awards. This strain is favored by growers who favor a strain that doesn’t stink a lot when growing. This strain provides big buds which has a sweet flavour and also a strong, enduring, stoned effect. Northern Light is definitely an easy plant to cultivate and it’s designed for both indoor and greenhouse growers.

  21. The Northern Light Special is perfect for indoor growing, but could be grown outside in addition. It’s the most potent variety of the entire world. This strain is short and compressed. A profitable plant for indoor growing accompanied by a nice sweet taste.

  22. Aurora Borealis has been adapted. Nearly all promising modern adapted strains contain Northern Lights genes.

  23. These Ministry of Cannabis Northern Lights is regarded as a pure Indica and is among the many strong and celebrated cannabis strains. Formulated following the 80’s, Northern Lights is a typical Indica.

  24. Very peppery smell and an incredibly creamy taste which will expands in your lungs. The high is actually sativa dominant and packs a cerebral slam even on the most chronic smokers. Next Generation Northern Lights, Thai, Grapefruit, and Hawaiian Sativa establish this strain in our own secret combination. A spider-mite resistant strain which grows spear-like buds. Great production in sea of green or as sizable plant.

  25. Sounds like you are talking about a different strain than autoflower. If they require 12/12, then they are not autoflower, they are photoperiod plants that like most plants and require a 12 hours lights on and 12 hours lights off cycle to go into and remain in flower mode. If it’s autoflower, 24/0 20/4 18/6 light schedules will all produce buds. They also race from seedling to harvest in half the time of a normal photoperiod plant.

  26. Have used you guy’s in the past and have always been very pleased. Can’t wait to see what the auto flower does.


  27. Northern Lights is tremendously adapted to indoor growing. Virtually all promising modern indoor strains consist of NL genes. High flower to leaf proportion, good yields, compact buds and exceptional resin production are typically all characteristics displayed from this wonderful plant. Northern Lights is a most profitable plant for your indoor grower. The smoke is full bodied yet still somewhat neutral in taste.

  28. Northern Lights is in fact crossed along with our Haze to generate a bulkier set plant. NL/Hz still gets to tall heights however dense Northern Lights style form around the long stems. The inner bud leaves are a bright limeish green hue. The smoke has that sour-sweet flavor and generates a stony still up high. This plant needs attentive trimming indoor and patience, nevertheless the prize is definitely worth the wait! Plant type: Best appropriate for indoor growing.

  29. Northern Lights crossed together with Shiva creates beautifully pungent sweet buds along with bountiful THC. This plant features high flower to leaf ratio. NL/Shi carries a bit spicier smoke in contrast to Northern Lights and possesses an added complex buzz. This strain is a classic classic. NL/Shi features a exotic aroma, is comparatively simple to clone and grow.

  30. We are pleased to introduce this automatic variety. Auto Northern Lights has a production and resinous buds, which will now approaching the height of normal plants.

  31. Northern Lights by Pyramid Feminized Seeds. Known within the cannabis world environment due to the exclusive characteristics. Pyramid Seeds’ Northern lights is surely an antique phenotype nearly impossible to find nowadays. Winner for the 1st place in “La Bella Flor” and also the 2nd Hydro prize in “Hidroponia Spannabis 2007” too.

  32. Introducing Northern Light autoflowering Seeds from Royal Queen Seeds the seedbank of choice for the connoisseur. These organic female Seeds where developed in Holland and the USA but they take their traits from an Afghani Indica so a true international strain! These feminized autoflowering marijuana seeds are Indica dominant and are truly organic as even their parents were grown to the organic standard.

  33. Northern City Haze is a wonderful genetic mixture of Northern Lights, NYC Diesel, and Haze.

  34. 90% Indica. Afghani roots, Hindu Kush and Thai heritage. Earthy, honey musk odour and sweet flavour. Big resin. Ideal for SOG. Easy to grow. Strong, stoned high. THC high.

    Northern Lights was first bred in Seattle, Washington and she was based on a Californian strain. Afghani Indica, Hindu Kush and Thai were used to form Northern Light. She is an almost pure Indica race (90%) of Afghani heritage and contains a high CBD and THC level. This plant has a high flower to leaf ratio and is quite resistant to diseases and parasites. She is a healthy, fastgrowing and tough plant that is quite compact. She has the characteristical wide-fingered Indica leaves. Northern Light preflowers quickly. She is a very forgiving plant when it comes to; heat problems, fertilizing problems and insufficient water. The Northern Light shows little variation between individual plants. She has two phenotypes. One short and stalky, compact budstructure and big fan leaves(Indica). The other a skunky Sativa type with a hint of lemon.

    This legendary strain has been used to form many a new variety, because of her stability and big resin production. She is an ideal variety for the novice. The odor is not too overpowering so perfect to grow discretely. Northern Lights Special produces compact, resinous buds, which smell of a honey musk odour with a hint of earthy Afghan. The buds give you an all-over stoned feeling and the taste is sweet and fresh. Medicinal value: chronic pain.

  35. Willy Jack Seeds simply couldn’t resist adding the famous Northern Lights to their range.