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nova seeds

Image via Nick DiLiberto

Plotwise, the themes of prejudice and racism provide a nice backdrop to the plot, since humans and government officials are strongly anti-Neo, especially when a Neo is the only one who can save the human race. (It conjured up echoes of Blue Submarine No. 6, a deep cut for some.) And the decision to drop NAC into the heart of Mindskull’s lair hews closely to the plot of Escape from New York, just in an animated take.

In a world that is moving on from classical animation, ‘Nova Seed’ and artists like Nick DiLiberto keep us tethered to tradition.

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Nova seeds

For Drip application – 2 kg / acre

Seed is a key component among all inputs for sustainable crop production. It is estimated that quality of seed accounts for 20-25% of productivity.

Potassium Magnesium Sulphate Fertilizer
K2O – 22%, MgO – 18% S – 20%

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For Foliar spray – 1 kg in 200 lit of water


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