NYC Diesel Seeds

NYC Diesel Seeds
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NYC Diesel Info

PLANT TYPE40% Indica 60% Sativa
THCUp to 20%
CLIMATEIndoors and sunny climate
FLOWERS10 weeks
YIELDS14 to 17 oz per 3x3ft

NYC Diesel Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

New York City Sour Diesel is one of the ones that shows the East Coast can grow, too. I love it. I have a couple buddies in New York City and Queens that have been breeding on that project for a while with some other guys. New York City Sour Diesel is an indoor plant. It was bred for indoors, and it is probably 80/20 sativa, and they have the time down on it to where it is the eight-week flowering cycle now. New York City Diesel is probably about a seven on a one to ten difficulty scale, with ten being the most difficult. It is a little touchy on the fertilizer and the water, but when you get it right, she rolls. That is where it is really hard to mix indicas and sativas in the same room without having them on different tanks.

New York City Diesel usually flowers in between sixty and seventy days. The New York City Diesel is usually grown four or five feet, and it is budded and then it puts another foot on, so anywhere you bud it, you add another foot finished. It makes some really dense collis [SP]. It is what White Widow wishes it were. It is resiny and crystally. New York City Diesel is one of those ones that can really get to a big yielder, anywhere from four to ten ounces a plant. It depends on how much light you give it.

New York City Diesel pros and cons–pros, kick-ass weed. Cons, it does not really have any, other than you better know your shit. There are a lot of similar strains to New York City Diesel. I would say on the West Coast, it is Clone Only Train Wreck.

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  1. G13 Haze x NYC Diesel from Soma Seed bank is a Cannabis Cup Winner from 2002. This Indica/Sativa hybrid cannabis seed is a great addition to any souvenir aficionado’s collection.

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  4. It’s everywhere! ahhh! People may seek after this strain, but its been everywhere you can buy good weed on the street in the tri-state usa area the last 10 or so years and I’m so sick of it =/ strong bud or not. Variety please commercial growers!

  5. Bred to boost weight and potency whilst keeping the distinctive Diesel taste, this plant will grow to mid-sized height with sturdy side branches of resin filled colas which require room to develop.

  6. I used my Beautiful, and fast Flowering Purple Berry Mom, and hit a Stud Strawberry Diesel to her, which will make for very unique phenos to be found. Easy to find a Colorful, Strawberry Diesel dominated Moms, with a shortened flower time due to the quickness of Purple Berry.

  7. Lemon Diesel Marijuana Seeds by way of = Emerald Triangle Cannabis Seedbank, this bank came back old school and back in its history to source and revive some critically serious genetics. Taking plants that hark during the 70’s Emerald Triangle have got new genetic material and bundled them up to produce strains that ought to make you awe struck. These top quality Seeds, fresh from Humboldt County, additionally for sale as feminized seeds, these ordinary seeds are literally gathering popularity amongst enthusiasts, this guarantees Emerald Triangle Seeds are typically in huge market desire from clients.

  8. G13 Labs Raw Diesel Feminized Seeds are an Indica/Sativa blend with G13 Haze & NYC Diesel genetics.

  9. This really is an remarkably flavoursome gem! It practically drips with flavor plus huge medicinal trichomes. With crystals appearing from week 2, anticipate rock solid nuggets, as hybrid strength guarantees big powerful plants having a sturdy indica heritage causing a stone whose medicinal attributes are broad and is gorgeous to check out as it is to smoke. These ladies’ taste varies from fresh tangerines right into the sweet berry end while the NYC diesel communicates with the strawberry cough creating a really lush flavored and powerful stone.

  10. The intense taste and smell from the Amsterdam City Diesel is surely an experience like few other, this Sour Diesel hybrid conveys precisely what we’re trying to find within a strain to include to our library. An extremely fragrant strain which grows brilliantly structured and extremely resinous buds and a taste to keep in mind. You can anticipate high yields of really scrumptious Cannabis, a genuine connoisseur strain.

  11. Blueberry crossed with New York City Diesel. One of jordans personal favorites! Here you have got the 2 best flavors put together. Ruby grapefruit and blueberry!

  12. This feminized Turbo Diesel by Kulu Seeds is a new crossing. The production has been boosted up by the Kulu Seedbank. The genetics are like Sour Diesel.

  13. Grapefruit Diesel Seeds by Next Generation Seedbank. This outstanding strain is a cross between the notorious NYC Diesel and Grapefruit. Requiring the best of both strains and making the ideal combo, these Seeds mirror the next generation quest for perfection.

  14. A sensational as well as radical brand-new marijuana mix, New York Power Diesel (Nirvana NYPD) is actually an F1 hybrid of the popular Sativa Mexicana seeds and a particularly stabilized Aurora Indica. The latter’s weighty, greasy narcotic buzz wonderfully takes the edge off the crispness as well as rapid outcome of the prior. NYPD’s shockingly effective terpenoids result in a marijuana with a lemony essence as well as the diesel-like aroma that invigorated it is name. It is trees expand tall stems by having an incredibly tight bud structure. The volume of hard marijuana these seeds produce is actually not overwhelming, but certainly still rewarding!

  15. This variety is a cross between New York Diesel with Low Ryder and has been selected the most resinous plants and productive, has been obtained the new keeping the aroma and taste of Diesel with a large production and large amount of resin.

  16. This Seedism Seeds NYC Diesel hybrid is Feminized and an experience to collect in seed form with genetics beyond belief. These feminized Seedism Diesel seeds are a quick Sativa/Indica hybrid with a cannabinoid profile leaning more towards the Sativa side, with the slightest evidence of Indica.

  17. out of hundreds of plants i’ve grown…..THIS one tops them all. my main bud was 16″ long and huse, loaded with red hairs. Wish i could show you the picture. And…’s DYNOMITE!!!!!

  18. Mostly sativa variety, very popular among growers. With a distinctive lemony citrus flavour. It’s flower is not bulky, but very dense and heavy. The plant is resistant to fungus. Flowering very late and very productive. This makes it a very good genetics to grow in any condition and environment.

  19. New York City by Pyramid Feminized Seeds. We are pleased to present Pyramid Seeds’ New York City.