Oasis Genetics Review

 Oasis Genetics Review

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It’s easy to get overwhelmed in a world of limitless options, but Oasis is here to supply you with only the best quality autoflowering strains available.

A proudly Canadian company, Oasis Genetics is just the refuge you’ve been waiting for in this world of chaos! Oasis Genetics invites you to let them be your Oasis.

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  1. Orange Bud featuring its distinctive rich orange colored hairs and brutally potent Skunk ‘high’ continues to be among Dutch Passions famous strains. It’s a heavy-hitting, big yielding and low upkeep Skunk that goes back towards the 1980’s having its own army of dedicated followers. We desired to make an automatic type of Orange Bud following e-mails from die-hard Orange Bud enthusiasts. Auto Orange Bud was formed employing a particularly compatible Ruderalis strain. The hybridization project wasn’t easy, Orange Bud remains to be one of our most popular strains having a superb all-round reputation which we weren’t ready to compromise.

  2. Stargazer is an indoor strain of seeds from a family of strong, stoney connoisseur pot. Her mother hybridizes the indica-dominating Warlock and the sativa-dominant AK47, both recognized for fast, revitalizing, and slightly hashy highs. Her Sensi Star father is similarly popular due to its fast indica body stone accompanied by a side dish of mental stimulation. Together, Stargazer’s three immediate ancestors provide a median THC content of about 20% and also have won eleven major awards, for example the Highlife & also High Times Cannabis Cups. As her name implies, Stargazer was bred for intense, alert effects which could be sensed both in the body and mind; for happily gazing towards the stars in a night walk or gazing perfectly into a dance partner’s eyes. In the recommended indoor setting, Stargazer Seeds take between eight and ten weeks to flower with regards to the temperature. She likes cold conditions a lot more compared to most plants do, which could make her a first-rate candidate for outdoor planting within the northern latitudes. Typically, though, Stargazer Seeds grow nicely in densely planted soil or hydro. Her skunk and Afghan centered genes end up in extensive branching, but sea of green cultivation is achievable with a bit of pruning. Stargazer’s internodes are close with each other, sprouting thin, whip-like branches which could require support as soon as the buds start to reach their full density. Her short, thick foliage is speckled with all the oh-so-feminine pink hairs feature of her Warlock and AK47 mother-line. While she blossoms, Stargazer’s scent is robust and leans toward pungency. Once cured, the palate is tricky to illustrate — in the background, creamy and somewhat sour body; within the foreground, a nip of Sensi Star’s lemon taste pressed toward the astringent and minty. Delta-9 demonstrates that this sour-sweet concoction tastes just like a peppermint breath candy, similar to Mentos.

  3. Oceans Twelve has become a classic movie and simply a classic strain like Kiwiseeds Oceans Twelve Haze might possibly do justice for the name! Oceans Twelve Haze is a vintage plant packed with all those renowned Hazey characteristics so desired by tokers across the globe. Already a strong favorite among Amsterdam coffeeshops, Oceans Twelve is a great blend of haze/sativa genetics which shocks even the most expert of tokers and smokers! Kiwiseeds Oceans Twelve Haze is indeed a delight to grow indoors or even in a greenhouse. This plant reminds you of how plants was once in the past. Strong vertical growth with close internodes, prolific bud-set and actual hybrid vigor. What Catherine Zeta-Jones, Brad Pitt and George Clooney did for Ocean’s Twelve, this plant is going to do in your garden! Surely that warrants an Oscar?