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oaxacan quirkle seeds

Oaxacan quirkle seeds

Its terpene profile is fruity, combining notes of grape, plum and red fruit on a spicy background enriched with hints of peanut butter.

The resultant hybrid gives 50/50 Sativa – Indica plants with a balanced, medium to tall height depending on the grow environment and the phenotype being cultivated. UVA has a flowering period that doesn’t exceed 56 to 60 days. In order to optimise the harvest, Subcool recommends pruning the cannabis plants twice during their vegetative growth phase, in order to limit their height and encourage the formation of bud sites.

The buds of the UVA are composed of large, fleshy and swollen calyxes, generously covered with sticky and fragrant resin, while its foliage will easily acquire colours ranging from purple to golden through pink or mauve.

UVA was created by Subcool with the goal to modernise one of the 1970s greatest weed classics imported to the USA: Oaxacan Gold, a Mexican landrace genetics, with a visual, positive and entertaining effect, and a fruity and spicy fragrance. This cross with the Querkle brings colours and flavours of red fruits to the Mexican landrace, while taming its Sativa nature, giving more compact plants and a faster and more consistent flowering.

UVA, the Oaxacan landrace meets the famous Querkle

TGA Subcool present their new variety UVA, which is a cross of Highland Oaxacan Gold x Querkle developed to offer a hybrid line with an electric and inspiring effect, accompanied by a tangy aroma of grapes. Now to be found online in Alchimia Grow Shop’s regular seed collection!

The effect of the UVA is intense and psychedelic, visual and colourful, inspiring and permitting a rapid disconnection, to reach a positive and happy state.

UVA, a fruity and psychedelic variety

Oaxacan quirkle seeds

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