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obama’s purple cookies seeds

Obama's purple cookies seeds

Our Obama Kush will always give users a nice combination of creative, euphoric, and relaxed sensations. Many note the feeling of a heaviness and a slight fog behind the eyes and that stress seems to simply melt away after a few puffs. Obama Kush’s stunningly frosty and deeply purple painted flowers are speckled with orange hairs . From the second the trichomes grace your sense of smell strain, you’ll get hints of grape and berry blends or a subtle tang or skunk-like aroma.

Obama Kush is a great strain for a nighttime smoke sesh. Although the current president will soon be leaving office, Obama Kush is a strain that’s here to stay for the long haul.

This top shelf indica strain has a name that is very well suited but also conveys the President’s infamous message of ‘Change’ as it influences and inspires. As the second generation of indica Afghani and sativa-dominant hybrid OG Kush,Obama Kush takes the cake when it comes to any other indicas because of instantaneous cerebral effects and euphoric burst to the body . For those of you in search of a more balanced high and smoking experience, Obama Kush always delivers an extremely robust body high in addition to a super uplifting and head high that won’t give you the munchies or get you glued to the couch.

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Obama's purple cookies seeds

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Obama's purple cookies seeds

Naturally, you’ll want to get Obama Kush seeds planted in your garden if efficiency, large yields, and supreme indica genetics are your thing.

Moreover, the admixture of Afghani and OG Kush results in a compact plant profile seen as a significant boon for growers short on space or trying to maximize grams per watt.


If you know your cannabis history, then you’ll remember Afghani as the ultimate go-to strain for creating hash. Afghani trichomes literally melt off of the leaves, creating an incredibly stony body high.

Therefore, it’s better to sow your seeds indoors first, get used to the plant’s quirks, then move outdoors if your climate zone will do right by your plants. Keep temperatures between 70°F and 85°F — a little to one side or the other of that range is tolerable.

Flowering Time:

Obama Kush seeds have so many positives going for them that they’re impossible to ignore. They grow stout, compact, and take maximum advantage of every square meter. The result is your grow room operates at the limits of efficiency, meaning you extract every last gram per watt possible.