Ocean Grown Seeds Review

Ocean Grown Seeds Review

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Ocean Grown varietals are hand-crafted in small batches by artisan breeders to ensure optimal results.

Ocean Grown is dedicated to the development of high quality medical cannabis genetics. We are a cannabis genetics collective with decades of experience cultivating and hybridizing medical and ‘top shelf’ strains.

3 thoughts on “Ocean Grown Seeds Review”

  1. Our exquisite Mango Haze x East Coast Sour Diesel is combined with the brilliant G13 Skunk father to develop our latest product which will unquestionably surpass your expectations. The potent strain includes a hybrid of each strains’ medicinal characteristics with something for everyone.

  2. 80% Sativa. Afghani, Haze and NL genetics. Pine cone odour and floral, haze flavour. Strong psycho-active high. THC high. This hybrid has Afghan, Haze and Northern Lights parentage. An 80% Sativa plant with a high THC level and a high percentage and huge percentage of CBD to boot. Haze No.1 is lauded for its stability and its pure breeding status. She will carry on flowering long after 12 weeks, which is unique. The longer you leave the more THC will break down into CBD, creating a more stoned buzz. She is not a bushy plant at all, letting light easily pass through to the lower buds and internodes. This will make for white buds all over the plant. These buds are not as compact as an Indica dominant plant, but the overall yield is impressive. Put her directly under a 12/12 schedule or a very limited pregrow phase to limit height. 6 plants per square metre is max, because they need room to grow. She is a thinly, branched plant with slim, darkgreen leaves. She has a pine cone smell has a sweet and sour, floral haze taste. Haze No. 1 has a strong psycho-active high. Medicinal value: ADHD and pain relief.

  3. Auto Mini Gun Autoflowering Seeds from Seedsman. An extravagant cross between Lowryder 2 and AK47 respectively, these autoflowering Seeds offer the finest in marijuana seed genetics.Perfect for all souvenir marijuana seed collectors.