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OG Kush Seeds
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OG Kush Info

PLANT TYPE75% Indica 25% Sativa
THCUp to 19%
CLIMATEIndoors and sunny climate
FLOWERS8 weeks
YIELDS16 to 17 oz per 3x3ft

OG Kush Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

OG stands for Overgrow. All this stuff that came off of that was from that one website. There was more knowledge about cannabis put on that one website over a 5-year period than the rest of the world has now combined.

When that place went down and the cops took that information down, they ripped the heart out of, like, the whole movement for a long time, for what we know for true knowledge.

OG Kush is surrounded in a bunch of mystery right now, and I know most of the people that was involved in getting it made. It’s one of those things that happened spontaneously when OG went down. Three or four breeders, such as myself and a couple of other people’s best stock was just used to make that. And it’s really like Skunk No. 1, it’s so true-breeding now. So many people have it.

OG Kush is also open-ended; it can be bred with. It doesn’t have the terminator gene in it. It’s been bred in so many different projects now that that gene’s spread across the scene that it’s going to be hard to remove it.

My problem with it is, is that it tends to hermie very easily, just like the Trainwreck one. It really wants to show hermaphroditism, its side of its genome, and I personally don’t like working with them. There’s a couple variants of it that are all right, but myself, by what you’re trading in yield and what you have to have to do in hormone tricks to get the plant to do it, there’s other ones out there that’ll do the same thing.

But the pedigree on it is really hidden in mystery and B.S., and I refuse to play along with any. I know three different rumors on it, but I can tell from smoking it what I think is in it, and when we get done with these DNA tests in the future, I’ll let you know for sure what’s in it.

In my experience, I’ve seen OG Kush grown in every environment you can grow it in, and in some I didn’t think it could be grown in. It’s more with it about finding your own phenotype; that’s why there’s so many different variants of it. And people have crossed it with a hundred different other things as well. But really, it’s about getting 100 or 200 seeds and finding one plant you like out of it, because it tends to hermie for one. And for two, some of them want to foxtail, and there’s a bunch of those variants of it that have problems. So it really depends on where you get your clones or your seeds. That’s one of them ones that’s mostly grown from clone, too. I’ve not seen too many people selling OG Kush seeds.

OG Kush has budded out in 50 days, and I’ve seen it bud out at 70 days; it depends on how much light you put on it and how much CO2 you give it. It’s one of those ones, its metabolism is very critical to how much yield you get and how dense it is and how fast it buds. And then how much dark you give it has to do with how much crystal’s on it.

OG Kush is another one of them ones where you get what you know about it. If you do it right, and you do everything right, you can get some decent yields. If you don’t, it’s a crappy yield, or that’s why it’s so expensive.

I’ve seen people grow it, sea of green, one bud. I’ve seen outdoor OG Kush plants that were left to veg for six months so [inaudible 0:03:41]. It really depends on how much you know to put the hormones and the vitamins to the plant, because really the light feeds the plant.

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  1. OG Kush is a famous cannabis variety, known for its pleasing aromatic essences and killer Kush high. Credit for creating OG Kush belongs to the pioneering Amsterdam seed company DNA Genetics. In the U.S. the popularity of OG Kush remained primarily in L.A. until the 1990s when it became a star in cannabis culture when famous rappers like Cyprus Hills, Method Man and Snoop Dog praised “OG Kush” in in well known songs. While OG Kush has been a popular strain among marijuana users for years, the decriminalization of medical marijuana in many US states has helped to increased the availability of the strain in the United States. Until marijuana legalization for medicinal use began to gain traction in the U.S. O.G. Kush could rarely be found by anyone other than celebrity tokers. Today, it’s a hot item at marijuana dispensaries due in part to its many medicinal properties, but is still somewhat scarce in comparison to most marijuana strains.

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