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og story seeds

From its beginnings in Orlando, Florida in 1992, to the secret underground grows of Los Angeles, California in 1996, the Original Kush or OG Kush, has made an impression on all of us. Twenty years ago, my dear friend Matt Bubbakush, brought her out to the west coast. The combination of this particular strain, and the advancement of indoor growing, created a new movement in fine cannabis. I’m grateful to have been a part of making this strain a legend. Being able to grow her and share her with friends for all these years has been a dream come true.

Now, with Karma’s craftsmanship, we are excited to release these genetics for everyone to grow.

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Our show captures the magic that sparks when kids and best-selling authors meet up in person to collaborate and grow original stories inspired by children’s story ideas! Each episode ends with a story time read aloud by the author. Our show has been featured in Wired, Parents, The New York Times, and Common Sense Media and was The Week Junior magazine’s 2020 Podcast of the Year. It is hosted by Betsy Bird, and Story Seeds’ theme song and music is composed and performed by Andrew VanWyngarden, the Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter/musician and co-founder of MGMT. This podcast is a Literary Safari Production. . more

Og story seeds

Is it ever! And today I’m sharing my interview with Story Seeds creator and executive prod ucer, Sanhya Nankani. She told me all about the development of this quite amazing project, as well as her path toward producing content for young readers.

CL: SO many great books! My TBR list is already a mile high, but I may have to climb up there and add Daniel Nayeri’s new book to the top So what’s next for you, Sandhya? Any new seeds you’re planning to cultivate this coming year?

SN: The middle grade books that I’ve recently been drawn to are ones that tell stories that I never had access to as a young person growing up in the United States – or as an immigrant coming here at age 12. Over the past few years, it has been extremely gratifying to read the books of authors Saadia Faruqi ( A Place at the Table ), Rajani LaRocca ( Midsummer’s Mayhem ), Veera Heeranandani ( The Night Diary ), Janae Marks ( From the Desk of Zoe Washington ), Roshani Chokshi ( Aru Shah series), Varian Johnson ( The Parker Inheritance ) whose stories reflect my experiences, my middle grade dreams and ambitions (mystery solver, sleuth, etc.!). But I would have to say that the book I most recently read that just knocked me over is Daniel Nayeri’s Everything Sad is Untrue which I wrote about here at my Instagram.