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og strawberry seeds

Og strawberry seeds

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Martin rainsford
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Strawberry OG Cannabis Seeds from Cali Connection Seeds

Strawberry OG Cannabis Seed Stats

Strawberry OG delivers good results both indoors and outdoors in environments where moisture is not excessive, such as in a temperate and Mediterranean climate or in a greenhouse. In addition, it is an interesting cannabis strain to perform succulent resin extractions using different methods.

Strawberry OG develops medium-sized marijuana plants, with a sturdy and even compact structure in certain individuals, a short/medium distance between knots and broad leaves. The Bruce Banner used at the junction reinforces the structure and also improves the final performance. In this way you get a different OG Kush hybrid that gives off a delicious strawberry aroma mixed with lemon, so it gives the impression that you are tasting a strawberry lemonade. Curious but delicious! As for the buds, they are dense and thick and can make it necessary to use an active carbon filter during the first stage of flowering.

Strawberry OG by The Cali Connection is a cannabis seed that comes from the cross between a Bruce Banner #3 and an SFV OG IBL. The result is a feminized, Sativa/Indica cannabis strain, vigorous, robust, easy to grow, with short flowering, powerful and productive.

The buds of Strawberry OG cannabis seed have an intense aroma and flavor, with notes of fresh lemon and strawberry. Its powerful and long-lasting effect is ideal for those looking to relax.