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ole berry red seeds

Ole berry red seeds

Growing your own berry plants is a rewarding endeavor. Find out how many years it takes to yield your first berry harvest. It may be sooner than you think.

Whether you’re interested in the wide range of health benefits that come from adding something edible to your landscape or garden, or you’re a foodie who loves endless culinary possibilities, growing your own berries is an all-around rewarding endeavor. After you plant them, berry plants tend to produce their first crops much more quickly than most fruit trees. You could be enjoying fresh berries sooner than you’d think, so it’s important to be prepared by planning ahead. If you’re eager to liven up your summer salads or start sipping on healthy, homemade fruit smoothies, then let’s get started! Take a look at how many years it takes for berry plants to bear fruit, so that you can plan for your first harvest.

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Ole berry red seeds

Also known as Waxberry, White Coralberry, or White, Thin-leaved, or Few-flowered Snowberry. They’re used medicinally for treating burns and sores, and as a shampoo and deodorant.

Found it! It’s a white mulberry tree, yummy!


Nicolette Scanlon says


These bright orange berries grow on long trailing vines throughout New England. The berries aren’t edible, they’re toxic and very bitter, hence their name.